Day 12 | mile 181.2 - 205.7

Woke up at 5 to the alarm. Again at 5:15 because none of us got up. We saw a beautiful sky through the trees and hurried to the peak.

It was a perfect day to watch ghe sunrise. No clouds at all. You could the desert floor we would descend to later today, and i-10 that we’d cross later. You could also see San Gorgorio Mountains to the north, and the wind farms sprawling in the desert.

I had breakfast (oatmeal) watching the view, and wrote in the journal that Selby left with me. The girls went back to camp to eat.

As I was coming back to camp, the people came out of the cabin and we actually knew them. It was Fern, Afghan, and Mrs. Pathfinder.

Apparently there was an earthquake this morning. I didn’t feel it, but everyone else did. 

We started walking at 7:30. We were prepared for a bunch of downhill, but there was a fair bit of up before we got to the 17 mile downhill stretch.

I listened to The Girls by Emma Cline. Selby logged me into her audible account and I can listen to all the books she has listened to before. Ready Player One is next!

We took a siesta at 12. We had only done 10 miles by then. I made ramen. Did not add the cheese this time because it made a mess of the pot last time. Just ramen with olive oil added.

After eating I read the PCT hiking companion ebook Alex got me. I had already read about this section at home, but it is just lovely to read as you’re going through. I learned about the obstacles faced constructing the trail, and why it goes a certain way. I think it’s super interesting.

We all napped for an hour, too. I didn’t realize i was laying right on an ant hill until I woke up.

We’ve all been talking about an apparently very aggressive bee hive at mile 202. We were all prepared with our shirts buttoned up and buffs on our faces, but there was not a single bee. Kind of disappointed. 

The rest of the day was a slog. We walked 23 miles today. Mostly downhill. Ouch. Did pass a 200 mile marker though!

Also, I’m dealing with a period on the trail (and not going into specifics - you’re welcome) and I really feel like I deserve a medal for this.

I am sleeping in a giant cowboy camp of seven girls. Right next to the water source. In the middle of the desert. Near the i-10. Under a cloudless, albeit a bit light-polluted, starry sky. Night!


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