Day 19 | mile 347.2 - 369.3

Woke up at 5:20 and made breakfast. I had been preparing myself for a long climb without any water, so I wanted to get going early.

Up and walking at 6. I barely noticed the incline in the first 5 miles. I got reception and was posting the blog and uploading pictures. I was only using one of my poles, the other one just dragged behind as I was using the phone in that hand.

The trail was beautifully graded, so it was pretty easy. My legs barely noticed the elevation change, but the views were undeniable. The plants changed from a lot of poison oak and poodle dog bush to pines. The ground was sand where down where we started and we ended by walking on soft pine needles.

About 0.5 mile from the top, there was a flat area with a great view where a lot of hikers were taking a break and so did i. I made cheesy mashed potatoes. And tried to eat my remaining candy collection. I dried out my sleeping bag also.

When I got there, it smelled like shit. I didn’t say anything in case it was one of the hikers. Turns out, one of them was laying in a very shallow cat hole. So gross. Also, the guy who layed in human feces was Swedish. And we talked in Swedish for a while.

Radar left long before I did. I followed half an hour later. It was 7 miles to Wrightwood. These miles dragged on. I don’t know if the incline wore me out or what, but I was dragging. Finally put up ready player one and cruised.

Waked under ski lifts. 

Finally got to the road at 3. Hitching was easy, somebody was driving out of the trail parking lot and I got a ride from a guy who seemed to be quite stoned. I was the only one in the car wearing a seatbelt.

When he dropped me off, his buddy handed me my pack and trekking poles. Later I would realize that my water bottle holder popped off in transit. Such a bummer.

I tried to get selby’s package I forwarded from Big Bear Lake. Turns out it’s in Billings, Montana. Wat. The lady told me to call them. I tried. Got the generic USPS line that had me hold for 20-40 minutes. I didn’t have that kind of time.

Went to the store to resupply and heard my name. It was Radar. He said he’s going to stay the night at a trail angel’s house and asked if I wanted to come with. I badly needed a shower, so I said yes. 

Resupplied and got a mostly full canister from a hiker by the grocery store. I bought Chex Mix. Got a replacement water bottle. Going to try taking it out of my side pocket as I’m walking. Got a turkey avocado sandwich and 2 apples and 2 bananas.

We got to ride in the back of a pickup to the trail angel’s house! The most fun part of today.

The shower was amazing and I feel so much better. He had a scale in the bathroom. I lost 6 pounds.

Going to sleep. I’m so tired.