Day 48 | mile 848.1 - 879.4

It was so warm in the tent that I slept without snapping my quilt around my neck or on the pad. It was just thrown over me like a blanket. It made adjusting to morning temperature outside more difficult.

Ate breakfast in the tent, got dressed. Got out and broke down the tent. Annoyingly, two of my stakes’ pull strings untied. Maybe you’re not supposed to pull by that string?

Hiking by 6. First thigh deep creek crossing at 6:45. Even though I took an alternate route to cross Evolution Creek, it was still really deep. So that woke me up!

Annoying loose-rock downhill into the valley before climbing back up toward Selden Pass.

At the valley floor there is an option to go to Muir Ranch. Apparently people resupply there. I wasn’t sure it would be open so I didn’t go. Potable went though. He is always on his high horse about not using Guthooks, but he always asks for trail help via my Guthooks. We said bye at the trail intersection and I wasn’t mad about it.

Series of long switchbacks up to alpine lakes, then to Selden Pass. Almost no snow on the way up. Met Tigger and Highlander up there. More snow on the way down, but nothing compared to Muir Pass the day before.

Alex was coached me on the upcoming dangerous creek crossing - Bear Creek. Made it across without much of an issue. Stopped to eat a bagel with cream cheese and salmon. Mosquitoes were swarming me. I had to eat it with a bug net on my face.

I think my hiker hunger is kicking in. I ate all my bars for today before 10 am today. Was eating candy to get me up to the pass.

Put on This American Life to power up the last incline. Then came never ending switchbacks back down while listening to 3 episodes of Song Exploder.

Mac and cheese and leftover salmon for dinner. Then oatmeal for desert. I was hungry. My stove took 20 terrified tries to start up.

Mammoth tomorrow!