Day 56 | mile 1016.9 - 1044.1

Woke up at 5:30. Bathroom. Got my period two weeks late. That’s how I know the Sierra was stressful. Snoozed some more. Up at 7. Another shower.

Breakfast burrito tour continues! I ordered one downstairs at the hotel cafe. While waiting for it to be ready, I ran over to USPS. Saw Spice Man. He was picking up a bunch of packages. Mailed the bear can. 

Bridgeport Inn burrito wasn’t half bad. The salsa was really good too. I took another mug of coffee up to my room to have some breakfast dessert. (I have way too much dessert for the next section, so I’m trying to eat some of it before I leave.)

Left at 9. Stood next to Jolly Kone trying to hitch. Spice Man was heckling me from the sidelines. It’s definitely easier to get rejected for an hour straight when somebody is watching and taking to you the whole time. A lot easier to smile too. It was getting pretty hot and Spice Man brought out some water for me.

He also gave me a trail name - Shakedown. I made the mistake of telling him about my extremely lucky hitch with Nicole and David yesterday and their generosity. He named me Shakedown because I shake town people down for money. :) Good thing he can’t keep up with me. Otherwise the name might stick.

After an hour of hitchhiking rejection, I walked over to the gas station to try my luck there. And just as I got there, a van pulled over for me. (Again! My face is not for hitchhiking.) Son and mom - Patrick and Geraldine. Patrick is a Marine and he’s doing some training out here.

It was really fun riding with them and asking a lot of questions. They could only drop me off at the intersection of Sonora pass. I was extremely grateful.

Next hitch was easier. Took maybe 10 minutes. Roger is a Marine also and he was going to that base before Sonora Pass. But then we started chatting and he gave me a ride the whole way. YAY!

Started hiking at 11:45. Oof. I was really mad at myself and my stupid face for not getting a hitch sooner. I wasn’t sure I could do 28 miles starting at noon, but I was determined.

The plan is to meet Vova and my mom at Carson Pass Friday night. That means 61 miles over 2 days. That’s why I’m pushing miles today.

I basically ran the first couple of miles up the hill. There was a bunch of snow and trail finding on the other side. At one point I had to glissade. Hopefully for the last time.

the trail is somewhere in this picture

Took a break at 2 (10-ish miles I’m) to eat Nutella on an english muffin. It was amazing. Met Circus Act and Mermaid. I think they were jealous of my sandwich.

Listening to Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. It’s nice but the I’m starting to find the Scottish accent really grating.

I was moving at a really fast pace. Really didn’t want to hike until 10 or 11. Got to the saddle above Noble Lake just as the sun had set. There were people camping and already sleeping out there. So I pushed on to another campsite.

There was a bunch of snow on the other side of the pass. I was a little scared about trail finding in the dark. At one point, the icy snow slope I was crossing culminated in a lake. I was pretty sure it was shallow, but ending the day by slipping into a shallow freezing lake really didn't sound pleasant. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Got here at 9:30. Messaged with Alex and made mac and cheese. Then tea. I’m all alone. Some rodent is hassling me. I will kill this mammal if it runs across my face in the middle of the night so help me god.