Day 55 | mile 1000.3 - 1016.9 | to Bridgeport

Woke up at 4:55. Birds were singing and I could see the sun just starting to come up through the net of my tent. I started my stove for breakfast.

Speaking of the stove, the igniter is completely broken now. It doesn’t even click. Good thing Forrest gave me his matchbox. But it’s too bad I’m so bad at striking them.

While the water was boiling, I got dressed. I was savoring my last few mosquito-free moments. Breakfast was surprisingly good: instant potatoes + cheese stick + bacon bits. I was kind of dreading it after the last awful ramen-mashed potato mistake. I also ate my English muffin with cream cheese because I didn’t think I was going to take a break to eat it otherwise.

Packed up and got going at 6. The boys had just started stirring in their tents.

Every morning I start hiking and I don’t think I have it in me to go up that long hill or do whatever number of miles. And somehow every day I do, and usually more than I had planned. Today I was dreading a long uphill.

I started with a head net and glad I did. The mosquitoes were out for blood. But after 7-ish miles the landscape changed completely and it got very windy very suddenly. Yay for no mosquitoes?

I climbed really long switchbacks until I could see all the Sierra that I had gone through to my South. Hiked through snow again. And I wasn’t happy about it.

I was laughing so hard at MBMBAM’s Episode 32 that I got the fruit and nut Perfect bar I was eating up my nose. Oh, it hurt.

Took a break at something that looked like a pass but wasn’t marked as a pass on my map. I could see Sonora Pass road! And I had reception! Texted Alex about all the unexpected snow, checked the tracking on the package Forrest had sent.

Hike down was really frustrating. Lots of sketchy snow and lots of misleading trails. There was more snow than the previous 3 days combined. I scratched up my ankle going when the loose rocks started sliding from under me.

Passed a couple day-hiking. At the road at 2. Not a single car going my direction for 10 minutes. Finally, the couple I passed earlier returned to their car. They said they’re going to Bridgeport. YES. Their names are David and Nicole, and their dog’s name is Toby. I started calling him Tobias right away. :)

Nicole let me ride shotgun with Tobias in my lap. I explained I couldn’t tip them because of my wallet situation. They were really sweet and fed me two yogurts while still in the car (it’s almost an hour ride into town). My pre-paid debit card wouldn’t come until 4:30, but they insisted we have lunch together. They paid for my double cheeseburger with fries and a raspberry-marshmallow milkshake.

We sat at the same red tables that Forrest and I sat at 3 days ago. I fed Tobias tiny pieces of my hamburger patty as we chatted for almost two hours. We talked about everything: the story of Tobias, the unexpected way David and Nicole met (David was her tour guide in Utah!), adventurous relatives, PCT, brain issues. It was really nice to not think about hiking for a while.

It was time for them to go, and for me to finally take a shower. Before they left, they wanted to make sure I’d have money for dinner, so they gave me a $20 bill in case my package didn’t arrive. Are these people for real? I really wanted to PayPal them for they would have none of it. I should make a donation in their name or something.

I checked into the hotel across the street - Bridgeport Inn. I was nervous they’d hassle me about not having the credit card I booked with or an ID, but they didn’t even ask. As soon as I said my name, her face lit up in recognition (or annoyance). “Oh, your friend called a few times. You’re expecting a package?” Haha. That would be Forrest making sure they don’t throw away the pre-paid debit card.

I got a room that’s barely big enough for a bed and has a shared bathroom. The wallpaper was cute. And the quilt very white. I didn’t dare sit on it in my dirty clothes, so I sat on the floor while making a laundry plan. $2.50 for a wash? No, thanks. I’d hand wash in the bear bin.

Shower was a luxury with Le Labo Rose 31 shampoo and soap. (Thanks, Forrest!) The water alternated from scalding hot to freezing cold, but I was just stoked to get clean. Used the rest of the fancy soap on laundry. It was very hot. Damp, rose smelling clothes hanging all around the tiny room made it bearable. I smelled way too good for Bridgeport.

At 9 pm, two trips downstairs for boiling water: one for ramen and one for tea. Sleep.


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