Day 60 | mile 1109.6 - 1140.9 | 31.3 miles

Holy shit. Sugar and Cannon chatted forever last night. Until midnight? I had a hard time sleeping last night because of that and the mosquitoes. They buzzed around most of the night.

Breakfast was the pouch that Philip mailed me to Mammoth. I added an egg. It was spicy but good!

I was debating whether to stay with the big group tonight. They’re only doing 17 miles. And I wanted to get to Quincy before Friday.

Caught up to Sniper and Lamb Fat pretty quickly. I passed them, but then we started chatting. We ended up hiking together until Barker Pass.

I loved hiking with them. I asked a million questions about being part of such a big trail family. It was insightful. It was also a nice distraction. Hiking through this section has been really hard for me emotionally. I vividly remember sitting at certain spots, eating another damn bar, being really excited to come home that day. I was grateful for their company this morning.

We were at Barker Pass at 11:30. They only had 5 miles left to their campsite. How crazy early! I learned that 4 of the people in the big group are interested in each other romantically. Now it all makes sense! Of course they are happy to go slow. They’re in love!

We had lunch together and chatted some more. I had a bagel with cream cheese and salmon. They each had a jar of (knockoff) Nutella and I was very jealous.

Sassy K and House came about an hour later. I got up to leave. Decided I’d hike to Squaw today and catch up with them after the weekend maybe.

I rolled my left ankle a couple of times today. Just careless. I was tired after lunch. I think it was the poor sleep I got the night before. Hoping it feels better tomorrow morning.

I was dragging up the hill toward the end. Hiking poles really help, especially later in the day when you don’t have enough energy.

Walking through Alpine Meadows and Squaw was surreal. I could point out the ridge where Alex and I took a picture skiing a few months ago.

I got a really nice camping spot. Beautiful sunset views of Lake Tahoe, water nearby, 2 bars of cell reception, flat. I have some camp mates who let me borrow their lighter when I ran out of matches.

I had a Beef Stroganoff backpacker meal today. So good! Thank you, mom! She got me a whole bunch of these.

The moon is bright. The mosquitoes are out in full force. But occasionally the wind picks up and deals with mosquitoes temporarily. Goodnight!


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