Day 53 | mile 942.5 - 970.6

Woke up at 5:30. Finished typing up yesterday’s journal. Got dressed. We packed up and left at 6:45.

Checked out Sierra Lodge’s continental breakfast to raid some cream cheese. I also ate a bowl of cereal, a danish, and coffee for pre-breakfast snack. I was, of course, saving myself for a breakfast burrito.

Delicious Kitchen was inexplicably closed. No problem. Forrest quickly lined up a backup. We got two breakfast burritos. 1 chile verde burrito mojado and a regular one. It was pretty good.

Forrest drove me from Mammoth up to Tuolumne Meadows. We said goodbye at 8:30. Then he drove by and threw a banana at me. :) I had accidentally left it in the car.

The first 5 miles to Glen Aulin were easy gentle downhill miles. That set the mood and I cruised for 28 miles. Easy.

I think I saw Matterhorn peak just before descending down to Matterhorn Creek but I’m not sure. My map is very limited.

I was going to go another 2 miles but then smelled a campfire. Met Level and Curdles. I asked if they were friends before the hike. They laughed and said they got engaged 2 weeks ago. He proposed on Forester Pass. How cute! I asked them a million questions. It was really nice to sit around a tiny fire.

Fancy Japanese ramen for dinner. Everyone was impressed. I set up my tent because it might rain tonight and there’s a 150% chance of mosquitoes.

Going to bed! Hoping to hit 1000 tomorrow!

P.S. Saw this kind of bird a bunch: mostly black, orange belly and beak, prefers to walk instead of flying.