Day 51 | mile 914.9 - 933.8

Forrest had a brilliant idea in the night. I’d start at Agnew Meadows and he’d start at Tuolumne and we’d meet 9 miles south of Tuolumne and camp there.

Continental breakfast at 7. No pancake machine, but the waffle is pretty damn good. Packed. Forrest is being really nice and carrying the bear can with our dinner for tonight. His part is relatively flat and I have to go over 2 passes.

Forrest dropped me off at the shuttle stop at Mammoth Resort at 11. This shuttle is $8 round trip from Mammoth up to Red’s. But they also stop at Agnew Meadow and Devil’s Postpile. They don’t allow cars to drive up there to reduce pollution. (This is the road we drove and hitched on yesterday. You could drive on it then because the shuttle hadn’t started running yet.)

There was a huge line for the shuttle when I got there. The first and second busses came and went. And I finally got on the third an hour later. I was really anxious to get going and it was frustrating to just be standing there. Talked to my parents. Finally on the trail at 12:30.

It was mostly uphill, but hiking was easy. I was well rested and my pack was light. The only food I was carrying were 2 bars. Thanks to Forrest.

Thousand Island Lake was beautiful and so blue. Reminded me of Lake Aloha in Desolation. The passes were easy. I accidentally passed the summit of Island Pass because it didn’t even seem like a pass. And Donahue Pass was a bit tougher, but still pretty gradual. Nothing like the passes south of here.

Climbed down and into Lyell River Valley. Had to get my feet wet crossing one of the forks of Lyell River. Finally met Forrest at 6-ish. He had been waiting and worried for a while.

We set up camp and started dinner. The mosquitoes were out in full force. I set up the tent and realized I’m missing one of the shepherds hook stakes. Oh well. Not super important.

Forrest brought this crazy good ramen from Japan. The noodles are out of this world. It was better than ramen shops in the Bay Area. We had two packages and were stuffed. Forrest used his travel chopsticks from Montbell. So cool. Tea and Tim Tams for dessert. Not regular Tim Tams but Black Forest Tim Tams. Whoa. My new favorite flavor.

It was nice to chill at camp and just chat with an old friend. We crammed into the 1.5 person tent at 9:30. I fell asleep pretty fast.