Day 63 | mile 1207.3 - 1249.8 | 42.4 miles

Woke up to go pee at 4:44. The fire was still smoking. I went back to sleep. Finally made myself start breakfast at 5:45. Oatmeal and a raisin snail today. 

I usually boil water, turn off the stove, add oatmeal, cover the pot, and let it sit while I do morning chores. I washed my socks, got water, took advantage of the nicest pit toilet ever. By the time I came back, Raleigh II was awake. I packed up, grabbed my breakfast and sat at the picnic table with him. 

Raleigh II owns a tattoo shop. He used to do construction. I picked his brain on home remodeling. We chatted and watched hikers come down the trail. I was getting a really late start. Finally, we said bye. He said to give Studio Tattoo a call when I finish the PCT. Hahaha. I doubt I’ll ever get a tattoo. Certainly not a PCT related one.

I was sad to leave the 3 Raleighs! They were so nice! Finally started hiking close to 7. I caught up with the boys from yesterday. We leap frogged all morning.

I chatted with Alex once I got reception at Summit Lake. We talked about the upcoming hitch to Quincy, his most recent app release, mysterious changes to compensation, and changes to peer review.

At 12 exactly, there were two men going southbound. They made an impromptu gauntlet out of their poles and let me pass. So funny.

Stopped for lunch and water at 1:30. I had a bagel with peanut butter (I got pb from a hiker box), and a tuna packet. I got a Thai tuna salad packet and it was absolutely disgusting. I forced myself to eat it just to get the calories.

(i'm only smiling because I hadn't tried the tuna packet yet)

Water is becoming more scarce. I had to walk downhill from the trail a ways to get to where it flowed well enough to fill a water bottle.

Taco and Smokebreak caught up to me at the top of the next hill. I was taking pictures.

(got the big boy this time) 

I was going to camp 1.1 miles after Fowler Creek. I stopped there. There were a ton of mosquitoes, and more importantly, no other people. I thought Taco and Smokebreak were going to be ahead of me and stop there. But they must’ve been behind. 

(captured smokebreak taking a smoke break. gross, right?) 

I was 38 miles in at this point. Maybe if I had had a tent to protect myself against mosquitoes (and that awful high pitched sound), I would’ve stayed. The prospect of waking up at the slightest noise all night also terrified me, so I decided to move on to find people. 

I had an inkling at the time, but i found myself in the middle of a 4.5 mile stretch of switchbacks on a steep hill. No place to camp. It got dark fast and I used my phone flashlight because I didn’t want to stop and get my headlamp out. This was a mistake as I ended up tripping and almost falling a couple of times.

Crossed a tall bridge over Feather River. It was dark. I saw a headlamp on the other side! Followed a path and found a tiny rocky slanted spot. It’s barely wide enough for my sleeping pad. I was relieved to sit down and be in proximity to humans.

Had lasagna backpacker meal. It was amazingggg. Crazy to think that the last time I had it was the second night on the PCT. I shared it with Selby then, at Kitchen Creek.

The plan for tomorrow is to do 18 miles to Quincy before 1. (First 11 miles are straight uphill!) Then try to hitch to Truckee to crash a party that Alex is going to. I would get my tent, trekking poles, and my resupply from him. If the hitch doesn’t work out, I’ll get a hotel, resupply, and let Alex party in peace.

It’s warm. I didn’t even bother with long underwear, and my quilt is open. There are no mosquitoes at all. It is such a luxury. Hoping I don’t slide off the sleeping pad and into the river over night. I am so so tired.