Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm in LA, TRICK!

That is apparently my rapping face. Ah, the wonders of Photo Booth capturing my most awesome moments.

Drew did my make up and hair for the 'Nade today. I almost never get to wear make up, so I'm a little extra happy today. It totally made up for the fact that I didn't get a good spot and only got to work for an hour. (It was a good hour though.) People were extra dance-y today, especially 3-year-olds. I actually had fun.


  1. А заработала сколько?

  2. That's all you want to know, isn't it. $84 and change.

  3. "That's all you want to know..."
    Почему такое утверждение? Я много чего хочу знать, но ты, к сожалению, письменно не отвечаешь на мои вопросы. А это один из тех вопросов, на которые легко ответить.
    Ольга, 5 дней или 2 weekends, и ты заработаешь на билет в Россию. Могла бы приехать в августе-сентябре...
    Не забудь про чат сегодня в 9:30 pm.

  4. Your shows were great! Your makeup wonderful! I hope you had fun while you were performing and enjoyed the applause. You deserve them!