19 Years Ago...

Almost down to the hour, I was born! (My birthday is July 31st, but we are on Russian time when I'm talking about my birthday.)

Look at my photogenic family. Vova was quite a fox already, at age 2. This was taken June 1989. My mama, papa and V-rock welcomed me a year from then. I am told it was sunny, warm morning, much like this morning in Penza.

My grandma called me first. I wasn't quite ready to admit that I was turning 19, so I cried. (Well, also because I miss them.) Then I called my parents and asked them why they weren't calling me. It was fun.

I will leave you with these two pictures:

1.5 years old here. The one on the right was taken a few seconds ago. My 18th year was a bit of roller coaster (as it should be, I suppose). There were a lot of setbacks, but I think that my quality of life has improved overall. I am determined to make my 19th year continue the trend.

(I should really get back to working on my take-home exam now. Forrest is going to call me at midnight! Yaaaay!)


  1. Только что отправил тебе письмо.
    Have a nice day tomorrow!

  2. Happy birthday!!! I leave you with but one important word:


  3. Happy Birthday! Your 19th year will be very exciting! Have fun, and work hard! Organize and prioritize and you can accomplish your goals! That might sound a bit stilted but you can do it!

    I leave you with but one important word:



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