Mens Crew and Mail Sacks

Kate came with us to the Promenade on Sunday! We had a blast. Everything went well today if you don't count an aaaaangry street performer dude yelling at me and then pointing his speakers over to my area and just blasting his music. He was hatin' all day.
That's me doing my thing. Check out my HUGE crowd. Impressive. (To be fair, it was just a warm-up.) There are no pictures of me dancing but there is most definitely dancing. I think there might be as much dancing in my street show as juggling.
Kate was super, super, super supportive and I wouldn't have cranked out 12 shows in 2 hours without her. ($141.21!)

Mr. Business Card from the night before finally showed up at 11 something and we hung out for an hour or so. Kate, Vova and Barry got to meet him.

By the time we came back home it was after 1. My feet and knees were tired from dancing around non-stop for 2 hours and then standing for another 2. It felt nice to sit down. I'm trying to make the face one would make when stepping into a warm pool. Eeeeeeeee.
Below is the reason I'm making that face.
I soaked and pomused my feet at 1:30 in the morning. My feet are really fucked up from running and jumping around on the street in not-so-comfortable-J.Crew-flats is not exactly helping them. (I spared you the picture of my 2nd toes. It's pretty disgusting.) My feet are look and feel better, for now at least.


  1. I love the pictures of you juggling, they're really great!

  2. А что за булавы у тебя?


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