SSS (Summer School Sucks) Week 4

You may wonder why there was no Week 2 or Week 3 postings. Well, it's because summer school didn't suck that much. Now that we're just about in the middle of the quarter it is getting to that stage where it sucks a whole lot.

Not only do I have 2 papers due and have 2 midterms this week, I also have to use a scientific calculator for my stats midterm.
That's right. A fucking scientific calculator. I have not used one since I was in high school. Actually, I hated that one so much I think I threw it away. I've been really spoiled with my TI-89. I thought I would never have use the scientific POS in my life. Here I am again, though, trying to figure out the order to do operations on this thing. Ahhhh. Makes doing homework that much more unpleasant.

2 more weeks of one class and 4 more weeks of another. SSS!