Trip to J.Crew

I hadn't been to a J.Crew store since February 7th. I remember that because I went with Carmen and De De. I'm not as enamored with J.Crew as I used to be. It's still my favorite clothing store (if you don't count specialty clothing stores like Patagonia and REI), but I'm not as crazy about it these days.

I went today to return my white dress and found these headbands. I've always been a HUGE fan of J.Crew headbands. They have the coolest designs. Unfortunately they're far too expensive full price or even on sale sometimes. I pounced on these when I saw the price.
Clockwise from the top:
Metallic Flower Headband. Original price: $39.50. I paid: $4.99.
Skinny Metallic Bow Headband. Original price: $18.50. I paid: $2.99.
Super Skinny Stain Headband. Original price: $12.50. I paid: $2.99.
Satin Knotted Headband. Original price: $18.50. I paid: $2.99.

I also tried on matchstick jeans. They're really nice. The pair I had on were 27S and they fit perfectly. I checked to see how much those lovelies were and they were on sale at $98.50. No, thank you.

Today's realization: I really don't like driving North on 101 anymore.


  1. Woot for sales!! Aaand, if you don't like driving North, you may as well drive South, and if I weren't in TX, I might be at the end of that south trip. I'm trying to let Nathan sleep so your blogs provide much entertainment. :) Love you!


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