7 Hours of Sleep, At Last!

I did 3 loads of laundry last night, 1 more to go. Ended up going to bed at 1:40. Woke up at 5 to get to the vanpool. As soon as we got to UCLA I shuffled over to the gym to run. I was barely able to run a mile. I've been limping since yesterday's run. I think I pulled some muscle behind my knee.

After the unsuccessful run I limped over to Kerkhoff to sleep. My class isn't until 10 and I slept like a baby until then. GUESS WHAT! I was awake through the entire lecture. Now, that is impressive because I don't remember the last time that happened.
Luchin' before the discussion. Brought another awesome prosciutto sandwich today. I am sort of kicking ass in this stats class.

Saw Jackie on campus today! YAAAAAY! My van driver is apparently the Superintendent of the Physical Plant at UCLA. Crazy. I thought all he did was drive the van.

Man, every other sentence I typed had an exclamation point. I must not have school tomorrow. THAT'S RIGHT! I DON'T! BECAUSE IT'S THE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKEND!


  1. yay!! i'm glad i got to see you too, even if it was only for a little bit :)
    i missed you!


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