I Feel Duped

Ah. This was a veeeery good burger. Better than In-n-Out, but also more expensive. I got their cheapest burger and added egg for $0.70, no fries, no drink. It was $6.35. It would have been half that at In-n-Out. The reason I went here is because I don't like the bible references at In-n-Out. I was told that Fatburger had skeptic stuff all over. I decided to check it out because I would like to support a company with the right principles. First thing I see is "God Bless You" written on the tips jar. Arghhhh.

I don't know if it's just this franchise management. I'll have to write a comment on their website. Bottom line: good burger, a tad more expensive than what I would like to pay. I would be more inclined to come back if they got rid of that writing on the tips jar.

(I got my stats final and I'm working on it right now. The restaurant is pretty much empty and has fast internet, so I'm just going to stay here and get as much done as possible. I can't believe stats is almost over. Couldn't be happier.)

Ooooh! They're playing Us and Them by Pink Floyd right now. All is forgiven. I'm coming back!


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