SSS (Summer School Sucks) Week 5

This is what I'm supposed to be doing:

This is what I'm actually doing:
All because of stupid fucking ass summer school. Shiiiiiiit. I was all set to leave to go backpacking in Yosemite this week but I realized that missing a whole week of school wouldn't be as easy as I had thought. I'm packing lunches in my dry-sacks and wearing my headlamp to simulate the trip. (I'm not going as far as shitting out in the backyard but maybe I ought to.)

Midterms are over but there is still a lot more work and writing ahead. (B on my stats midterm, but 100 on my ethics essay! Yaaaay!)

I want to be in Yosemite singing Tenacious D on the trail. I better make up for it in August.


  1. Да вон ты там в синем капюшоне на верхушке сидишь. Чего тебе ещё надо! Я всем буду говорить, что это ты. :-) Серьёзно, вид, конечно, фантастический!


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