2012 Wrap-Up: Unfortunate Places My Cats Peed/Pooed

The New Year is upon us. I usually don't like New Years, but 2012 hasn't been too kind to me, and I'm totally ready to move on. Because I love lists, I'll be making several before the end of the year. I'll begin with the (literally) shittiest.

Tigger on the potty

Unfortunate Places My Cats Peed/Pooed in 2012
1. A potted plant.
2. My favorite loafers.
3. Their cat carrier.
4. A brand new bath mat.
5. My guest's purse. (So sorry, +Tess Baklor!)

Acceptable Places My Cats Peed/Pooped in 2012
1. The toilet.




Even though I dealt with not an insignificant amount of cat excrement this year, they, of course, still own my heart.


  1. I love lists too. I once thought, if I start a blog it's going to just be lists. Everything seems so well-managed when you break it down like that. And those are two good lists. :)

    What did the cats say when you asked them why they, umm, "utilized" places they oughtn't to have? Anything to say for themselves? Are both offenders or do you know? Do they get use of the toilet reinforced when you are around?

    1. You should! I love other people's lists even more than my own.

      Moos is the offender. As soon as I get home, Tig runs to the toilet to pee because I give them a treat if they go potty in the toilet. But Moos is just a little rascal. Unless I'm watching her like a hawk, she will go in the tub. And she is relentless. She will hold it until I get distracted.

      (She used to go in the sink, but then I installed a motion sensor faucet. That nipped that habit in the bud and she was consistently going in the toilet for a while. Until she discovered THE TUB. Dun dun dun.)

      Of course they get it use it when I'm around. It's a giant inconvenience, but it's better than having litter all over the floor in a tiny apartment.

  2. One of my sister's cats insisted on using the tub for a few months (and she had a litter box). I imagine, of all the places they shouldn't go, the tub is to be preferred.

    You have to wonder what, in her cat brain, made the sink preferable to the toilet, though.

    1. Yes, the tub is one of the most convenient places to clean. You know, I try to attribute all these human qualities to them. While I can train them to do specific things, at the end of the day I still just have 2 cats with pea-sized brains. (Although it doesn't make them any less lovable.)


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