Gift Guide: Your Favorite Lady (Yourself?)

1. Diptyque scented oval ($45) - because no matter how small her closet is, it could be improved by smelling like "roses and blackcurrent leaves".
2. Handy tote ($35) - because it's utilitarian, and she'll reach for it morning after morning.
3. Studded loafers ($158) - because she kicks ass, so should her shoes.
4. Color of the Year mug ($25) - because it's a beautiful tangerine orange, and it's something to remember the year by.
5. Happy socks ($12) - because they're just the right thing to peek out from ankle length jeans.
6. Kinfolk subscription ($65) - because it's a great read for lazy winter mornings over milky coffee, and the issue will go on her bookshelf (instead of the trash) after she has read it.
7. Nail polish ($6) - because navy nails are all the rage, and this is the perfect navy! (See?)
8. Pear sweater ($98) - because she'll wear it through the winter and well into spring.
9. Camera strap ($59) - because the strap that came with the camera is not as chic as she.
10. Hammered cuff ($59) -  it didn't make the image above, but it should have. It's beautiful and goes with everything.


  1. What is the Olga-speak term for a series of blog posts in rapid succession? This may come as a surprise to you, but I rapidly develop a sense of entitlement, so ...

    What do you call a person who posts a comment that has nothing to do with the blog post? Bingo!

  2. Oh, if you insist. I'm not buying the navy nail polish. Its practically black! You have to look at it so close and hopefully its well-lit. I'll believe its the latest rage when I see Olga wearing it at the trendiest functions. [/emasculation]

    1. Sigh. You clearly don't know anything about nail polish! It always looks way darker in the bottle.

    2. I am trying to imagine a world in which I let myself be constrained in making confident pronouncements by knowing what I'm talking about. Awful. I had clicked through and looked at pictures, though, so I stand by my completely uninformed, indeed fashion-and-style-obtuse, statement. When you wear it, Olga, people will ask you if you've gone goth. Also, I'm color blind. (Not really).

    3. You are a funny bird, Narcissus.

      I'm not too comfortable with nail polish myself (my nails are always short and bare), but I'm always envious of girls who can pull it off. This was really a gift suggestion for your fab lady-friend.

  3. Hmm, what? This is odd. Oh, I see what happened.

    Whoever is getting it for you off your wish list thinks you are fab enough to rock it, so see that you do! :P

    1. Wow. Way to ruin a surprise!

    2. Sorry, I had no idea I was doing that.


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