2012 Wrap-Up: First Times


Things I Tried for the First Time and Liked
Wearing dark nail polish
Staying in a $600+/night hotel with the softest pillows (paid for by Google)
Paying off my school loans
Fine jewelry
Owning a cookie jar
Having on-site interviews at companies I only dreamed of visiting
Everlane (box cut) T-shirts
Going to a concert
Black jeans
Brightly colored toothpick ankle-length jeans
Pencil skirts (I have a black and a "crimson maple" one)
Learning how to use my DSLR camera
Powder concealer/foundation
Getting my ass kicked in ballet class (also, this leo and these shorts)
Making travel plans
Organic cotton bed linens (way worth it, and way better than high thread count)
Driving rental cars
Donating money to organizations I believe in (thisthis, and this)
Not waiting to get married to cook in the kitchen of my dreams

Things I Tried for the First Time and Didn't Like
My car intermittently refusing to start
Being told I'm "not worthy of love and respect" by my best friend
Mistakenly tearing my bonus check in little pieces and throwing it away
Not playing ultimate enough
Spending a lot of money
Buying a $200 sweater (I returned it.) (Gah. I wish I hadn't seen it's on sale now.)
Organic non-GMO corn tortillas, and everything else at Hugo's
Waking up sick on the day of my interview
Getting rejected from I'm-embarrassed-to-say-how-many companies