2012 Wrap-Up: Things I Learned


Things I Learned
1.   How to play guitar
2.   Never say "Well, that's stupid." in an interview
3.   (American) Football rules
4.   Check (and triple check) for your wallet before leaving for the airport
5.   "for the birds" expression. (Example: Waking up at 6 am on a Sat. is for the birds.)
6.   The only thing to do with failure/disappointment is to learn from it and let it go
7.   How to make kids laugh (Prat fall is the most effective!)
8.   Don't wash your hands with your coat on (unless you like wet sleeves)
9.   Scarves and cats shouldn't be left together unattended
10. Not all Shepherd's bread loaves are created equal
11. Being lonely and being alone are different things
12. How to properly frost a cake
13. I like breakfast burritos (way too much)


  1. In regards to #2: You might want to avoid saying "that's retarded" in a formal design document overview meeting.


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