El Circulo

Forrest, Olga and Michael
Forrest, myself, and Michael

(Yes, it seems as though I've become one of those people who applies filters to their photos to counter the serious lack of quality in them. BUT HEY! That's not what matters, is it? What's important are the beautiful people in the photo.)

These are my good friends! I actually have no recollection of our first meeting, or how I got assimilated into "el circulo" (as we call it), but we've been friends shortly after I moved to California my junior year of high school.

We hung out in the Math Honor Society classroom at lunch, tutored AP Computer Science (read: dicked around on computers), planned world domination, Michael and I were in the same Calculus BC class while Forrest was off taking Linear Algebra and Differential Equations at a community college during his senior year. Despite our nerdy inclinations, our favorite class was AP Spanish. It was such great fun speaking Spanish in class that it would sometimes spill into lunch. We worked on projects together (culminating in this epic video) and even lip-synced Maná's Eres Mi Religión for extra credit. (I'm totally kicking myself for not videotaping that gem.)

After high school, Forrest went to Stanford and Michael and I went to UCLA. We all majored in Computer Science and now program for living (although Forrest some more lucratively than others). I'm totally lucky to be good friends with such smart cookies. I learn something new every time we get together. Also, Forrest is exceptionally good at figuring out the best travel itineraries and I'm super excited to get to travel with him at some point in the future.


I ludd yo ass, guys! :) 


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