Gift Guide: Your Older Brother Who Is the Cat's Pajamas

That is if he was into photography, could play frisbee without hurting his puny ankles, and didn't already have all the cool tech shit.
1. Sky Ball ($10) - because it bounces 75 ft in the air. Need I say more?
2. Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens ($299) - because a prime 50mm lens is where it's at, and he'll appreciate the extra f/1.4 stop in less than ideal lighting.
3. Chaco sandals ($94) - because sandals are a totally appropriate shoe of choice in the middle of California winter.
4. Pebble watch  ($150) - because it's awesome and all his friends will be green with envy.
5. Patagonia flannel ($89) - it's the best flannel money can buy. (I actually couldn't resist getting it for myself a couple of years ago. It's still incredibly soft.)
6. Frisbee disc ($8) - because only the 175g regulation weight will do for tossing disc after Christmas dinner. Also, I'm convinced that a frisbee with a poem "sharpied" on the back about the recipient's awesome frisbee skills is the best gift I've ever given.
7. Backpack ($60) - because he needs his hands free when skating home with groceries. (Oh wait, that's me.)
8. Pocket dictionary ($11) - because sometimes you gotta know how to say "ass waffle" in German, and this one will last him forever.
9. fitbit ($60) - because it's fun to compete against your friends and he might accidentally get a workout out of it. Also, this review.


  1. You obviously treat your brother way too good. Mine doesn't get a Sky Ball unless and until I get a Sky Ball.

    Do you have that watch? That thing looks especially cool for someone who can code for it, but maybe not aesthetic enough for you.

    1. Hahaha. (I'm laughing at the "not aesthetic enough for you" part.) I have this watch that I've worn since high school. It's an 6 year old Timex that I never take off, even to take showers. So, yeah, my standards aren't as high as you think.

      I don't have the Pebble watch yet, but I'm definitely getting it after it comes out if only to write a little app for it.

  2. Oh, preorder, so you probably dont' have one. :)


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