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Day 27 | mile 566.5 - 588.2

Kept waking up to passing trains. The motel is right next to the train tracks, and the windows were open because Radar’s feet stink. Even after a shower somehow.

Got up and walked to the laundromat at 7. The detergent dispenser got jammed. I had to use my phone to get my box of detergent. Cost me $3.50 for everything. I even washed the puffy. Worth it.

My phone was getting no service either at the motel or downtown Tehachapi. And nobody had WiFi. It was really frustrating because a lot of town chores require connection. How am I supposed to download the new This American Life? Or call Garmin support? Or find out which store in Tehachapi sells gas canisters?

Radar joined me for breakfast next door to the laundromat. We both had breakfast burritos, but I had the wherewithal to get avocado on mine. I just stared at the tv in the restaurant. It’s so weird to watch tv after being away for a while. You can’t look away, even if something stupid is playing. (It was today show.)

We sat there wh…

Day 26 | mile 535.0 - 566.5

The wind calmed down at night and I woke up to a beautiful starry sky at 11:30. I actually thought it might’ve been time to wake up. I looked at my watch and snoozed for another 6 hours. Woke up with a start at 5:30 thinking it was super late.

It was warm, so I didn’t have much trouble getting out of my bag. Oatmeal with perfect bar for breakfast.

I didn’t see Radar, so I just started walking. InReach not tracking again. Agh.

It was hot and windy in this section. Walked through the wind farm the first 6 miles.

I have this terrible habit of not taking a break to take my wind gear off. I was sweating like a pig, but just refusing to stop until the small stream at 7 miles (where I’d have to stop anyway). Why? I’ll never know. I was completely soaked when I got there.

There were a ton of people hanging out by the stream. Everyone was chatting. I sat in the shade next to an older guy who smelled like my grandma. We didn’t say a word to each other, but it was nice.

The water was filthy. I…

Day 25 | Mile 503.0 - 535.0

Woke up to a guy packing up at 5. He hiked out at 5:45. Impressive. It was very foggy. I could see fog moving through the campsite.

I was pretty hungry, so I sat up to make oatmeal. Crumbled a little perfect bar in there. So good!

I was the last to leave at 6:20-ish. I swear, I need at least an hour of awake morning time in the quilt.

The fog was so cool and mysterious. The visibility was maybe 20 ft.

There was water at 2 miles and I stopped and took my pack off to to fill up. Missed the cistern by oh, 0.4 mile. Lucky ran into someone at that campground who told me the cistern is really close to the trail. I backtracked.

Stopped to listen for human noise because I figured a water source would have a bunch of humans around. I couldn’t hear anything. But because I was very still, this skunk-looking thing didn’t notice me and ran right up to me. Maybe 4 feet away from me, it finally realized I was a threat. It stopped and started intimidating me. This little cat-size thing with giant ta…

Day 24 | mile 478.2 - 503.0

Woke up in a bed and next to Alex. Whoa. The sun was shining right in the window, so I got up to close the blinds and got back in bed. Mmmmmmm.
We got up at 7 to make a plan. Lena said not to wake her up before 8. We were both hungry for breakfast, and I was also hungry for some computer time.
Alex got the computer and I washed my socks and shirt. Once I saw my blog in a laptop browser window I literally gasped. So ugly and poorly formatted. How does anyone read this?
I’ve been using this shitty app to publish posts from my phone. If anyone has suggestions for better blogger apps I’m all ears. Or should I migrate elsewhere?
Alex and I messed around with the layout a bit. I think it’s worse now because you can’t actually read full entires anymore. At least before it was functional. Anyway, if you can read full posts later, you can thank Alex because he fixed it.
Alex went to get Panera bread breakfast while recounted the events of yesterday and cried all over again. 
The three of us split 4 …

Day 23 | mile 454.5 - 478.2

There was a cacophony of people snoring in Hiker Heaven. It was like dueling pianos. Person to my right was snoring consistently, to my left was a person with sleep apnea.

Woke up at 5:30. It was warm, so I got out. Wearing a red-orange loan dress while my laundry was being done.

I wanted to charge my InReach before leaving. The micro-USB cable was being used by the battery pack. I got into the hiker house (everyone was snoring in there too), quietly got the battery pack, and went to the tech/laundry tent.

I set stuff up to charge there and got breakfast. I was going to boil water for oatmeal on my stove, but then I realized I can use electricity! Yay! Made a pot of coffee and oatmeal. Back to the tech tent to write in the journal.

At 6:30 they announced the next shuttle is in 30 minutes. I started hustling to get my stuff in order. Quickly realized my sleeping bag is still soaked. The sun was just coming out and it hadn’t dried yet. Talked to Radar and we decided to leave on the n…

Day 22 | mile 430.4 - 454.5

My head was pretty cold last night because it was windy. I had to alternate between putting it in my quilt and back out. I need to get a down hat for the Sierra, I think.

Relieved to hear birds which meant the sun was coming out. At 5:20, the girl that was cowboying near me decisively ripped open her quilt, stuffed it in her backpack, and went to change into her hiking clothes. I couldn’t even fathom getting out of my quilt for 30 seconds to start up the stove for breakfast. I’m such a wuss about being cold. I admired her courage from the warmth of my quilt. :) But seriously, i need to get better at this.

Spilled my just boiled water when I went to take the lid off. Great start. This is why you pack out extra water. Finished the oatmeal and blueberries I got in Big Bear. I’m going to miss blueberries. You can get oatmeal anywhere, but a sensible package of blueberries is hard to come by.

Started super late today - 7:30. Thankfully we only need to do 24 miles today.

Warmed up right awa…

Day 21 | mile 395.2 - 430.4

Woke up to headlamps and the sound of zippers. I thought it was time to get up, but I looked at my watch and it was 2:38. People just going to pee probably.

Woke up again at 5:30 to Radar’s alarm that he was neglecting. We both cowboyed and he was sleeping 20 feet away. Not close enough to wake him up and I didn’t have anything handy to throw at him.

I really didn’t want to get out of my bag, so I tried to do stuff while still in it which took forever. Made oatmeal and at the last second decided to throw in some instant coffee. Boy, was that a mistake. It was only edible after I crumbled some lemon-ginger cookies in it.

Finallllly got going at 6:38. Radar was still chatting up other hikers. I made it out of the canyon and changed out of wind gear. The sun was shining and I felt amazing.

Radar caught up with me and passed. I caught up with him and this Rangers fan at the next water source. There were free postcards, so we sent some.

I stopped for lunch at 1:20 after a long gradual cli…

Day 20 | mile 369.3 - 395.2

Woke up at 5 at the trail angel’s house. A little disoriented at first. Radar took the floor like the gentleman that he is. It looked like he slept poorly. His inflatable sleeping pad was to the side of him and he was just on his 1/8 inch pad. I slept great.
Got up to get my phone to see if the bakery was open. The trail angel said we could use his bikes, so I thought I’d bike 1.5 miles into town to get bagel sandwiches. It was open. But just as I got ready to go, Cynthia (the trail angel) offered her gas stove, the cast iron pan, some eggs, and coffee. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I made a breakfast burrito for myself. And a coffee with nesquik and whipped cream. It was really good. There were eggs that didn’t fit into the burrito and I was going to eat them. But then Radar got up and I felt bad eating everything. He ate the rest of the eggs.
Radar accidentally let the dogs loose when he went to the garage. They got all of them back after a while.Finally got out at 8:00. Hal drove…