Day 112 | mile 2622.3 - 2648.9 | 26.6 miles

Didn’t sleep that well. I had a dream I was supposed to run a marathon, but I couldn’t find the starting line. Had cramps all night. My period decided to start the last day of my trip. Great. Shouldn’t have eaten all those corn dogs! They probably singlehandedly raised my body fat enough for my period of come back. I had given away my tampons to a girl in need. At least I still have Advil!

Walking at 7. I have a lot of podcasts I had been saving and this is my last full day on the trail. Usually, I’d wait until noon to put my headphones on, but not today. Listened to Do By Friday, The Daily, 4 episodes of Where Should We Begin, This American Life, How I Built This, and 99% Invisible. Phew!

I smelled smoke on the way down from Buffalo Pass. Then, once I climbed up to Rock Pass, I could see a fire smoking down there. Glad I passed through before they closed that section. Some years they close the section that goes to the terminus which would’ve been such a bummer.

From Rock Pass, I could see an abandoned trail going directly to Windy Pass. The PCT goes all the way down to the valley floor, then back up. So tempting to take that shortcut, but I didn’t want to risk it. There was lots of scree and scrambling involved.

I was looking forward to making it to Hopkins Lake all day. Finally got there at 4:30. The plan was to go for a swim, but it was way too windy. I was worried about being cold after getting out. The lake was beautiful. Clear blue water, rocky bottom, grassy shore. I waded in and washed my legs, but wasn’t brave enough for a full dunk.

Pushed on for another 2.5 miles to get closer to the border. Chatted with Mike - the guy I accidentally woke up last night at Hart Pass. His wife is meeting him at the border tomorrow. Oh! He also was surprised that I was 28. He thought 23. Maybe my hat is making me look younger. Agh.

The last stream was 1.5 miles before the campsite. Since I lost my filter a few days ago, I don’t have a cap for my second water bottle. Had to carry the uncapped bottle carefully the 1.5 miles. My forearms were sore!

Camped super early - 6. Set up my tent one last time. I got pretty good at pitching it! Even though I basically only used it for Oregon and Washington. Beef stroganoff for dinner. I had been saving it since the last section. Earl grey tea with some chocolate. I think I’m ready to be done.

Texted with Alex. He was boarding the plane. I’ve been thinking about this moment every time I heard a plane above me. Even in the desert, I remember thinking that one day Alex’s plane would fly over me to pick me up. And now it’s actually happening. (Except his plane won’t be flying over me. He is flying to Seattle, then driving to Manning Park.)

It’s still light out, and I’m all ready for sleep. These last few days have been very uncharacteristic of my hike. I am so excited, I don’t know how I’m going to sleep.