Day 108 | mile 2520.6 - 2552.6 | 38.1 miles walked, 33 PCT miles

Woke up at 6. It was raining and windy. But I felt a million times better than last night. Still, if you gave me a way to quit right there and then, I would have. I would’ve done anything to not have to pull on sopping wet clothes and hike another 38 miles. But there was no way out except to hike on. 

I turned on the stove for breakfast. Laid back down. I distinctly remember feeling grateful for my sleeping bag keeping my warm and somehow dry when I smelled something burning. I instinctively pulled my bag away from the stove, but it was too late. My beloved sleeping bag had a hole in it. Not a huge one - about 2 inches long, half an inch wide. But I didn’t want to lose any down. I had one little piece of leukotape left. I pulled the sleeping bag fabric together over the exposed down and taped it up. Such a gigantic bummer. I love that sleeping bag. I don’t deserve my beautiful quilt.

I savored the last few minutes of being dry. My hiking clothes were laying in a puddle of water from the night before. Walking at 7:10.

walking through this will soak your feet
Down, up and over a pass. Met a SOBO couple: Christina and Mica. They told me the reroute is easy to follow. They said there were plenty of water sources and places to camp Phew. I was worried about that.

Walked through an old growth forest on the way to the Suiattle River bridge.

Lunch break at 1:50. Dried all my stuff on the bridge over Suiattle River. My heart was in my throat the whole time I was on that bridge. It was the best sunny spot, but potentially risky because a strong gust of wind could send my stuff flying into the rushing river below me. And the wooden bridge had sizable gaps in it, so something could’ve fallen through. The thing about ultralight backpacking is that you need every single thing you are carrying. Nothing is extra.

When I finally packed up and left, I swear my bag felt 3 pounds lighter. And not just because I ate a bunch of food.

Long climb up to Suiattle Pass and I was on the reroute.

 Feeling good. Not sure if it’s just the delta between not have ANY views yesterday and this morning, but the views from Cloudy Pass were blowing my mind.

The fire alternate trail was beautifully maintained. The scenery was gorgeous. I ran down from Cloudy Pass. It was all downhill to where I wanted to camp. Passed Lyman Lake. 

It was pretty dark by the time I got to Hart Lake. Crossing the creek next to it, I stepped on an unstable rock and got one of my feet wet. Bleh.

At camp at 9. Jolly, Lightning, and Frick are here. Jolly was still up. He was watching the Office apparently. Jolly is doing it right. He pointed me to a free tent site. Ramen for dinner.