Day 98 | mile 2207.3 - 2244.3 | 37 miles

Woke up at 5:30. Slept really well. No large-pawed animals visited me. Oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast. Birds are rustling around really close to my tent and singing for me. Hey, birds, what’s up?

It’s definitely colder now. Evidence that I’m further north? I can see my breath in the tent this morning.

I put on my wind layers this morning and was still a little cold. Ran into two SOBO girls. One of them asked for tampons. I gave her all of mine. I was actually thinking about getting rid of them in Portland. Glad I didn’t!

Since Orange Short Shorts was still behind me, I had him passing me to look forward to this morning. Sure enough, he did. Annoying as ever.

So many huckleberries today! I ate them by the handful. Bars are much more palatable when eaten with berries.

I got one good view of Mt. Adams this morning before everything got enveloped in thick fog. It burned off later. I finally took off my wind layers at 11.

Listened to Brotopia. Lots of things make me cringe in the book. But the chapter about Cheryl Sandburg and Kim Scott made me beam. I love them and everything they stand for.

Chatted with Selby over inReach.

Frick passed me shortly before I stopped for water and lunch. He camped behind me at Blue Lake, and had time to go to Trout Lake and back already. Damn. I’m real lazy in the morning.

Leapfrogging with Jolly and Lightning. I’d stop to take picture and they pass me, then I pass them.

Finally got up to Mt. Adams Wilderness. It was gorgeous. I was having such a good day. Then, I saw Jolly and Lightning were on the phone, so I checked if I had reception. I did. I wish I hadn’t checked. I felt really torn between staying in the present by enjoying this amazing walk by Mt. Adams and catching up on my phone. I was trying to have it both ways and it was making me really anxious. Finally turned my phone back to airplane mode, put on Tycho’s Dive album and cruised.

Jolly and Lightning camped at Lewis River. I wanted to push on to Killen Creek because of the name. :) The fog rolled in quickly from the west. It got really cold, really fast. Walking in lava rock was annoying on my feet, but the rocks were radiating heat that made me warmer.

Came to Adams creek. It was fast moving and scary. I walked up and down the stream to see if there was a safe crossing. Considered camping and crossing in the morning. Crossed anyway. It was one of the worst I’ve done. And I was wet up to my shorts.

Lots and lots of fog. It was eerily quiet. Finally got to Killen Creek at almost 9. My hands had a hard time grasping things because they were so cold. I struggled setting up my tent.

Pastaroni with salmon for dinner. Sleep soon after. It’s 43, feels like 37 because of 100% humidity. So nice to be dry and warm in my tent. Not looking forward to getting up in the morning.