Day 99 | mile 2244.3 - 2275.2 | 30.9 miles

Late start today. Everything is wet and it is very hard to make myself get out of the sleeping bag. It misted all night and all morning. When i went out to pee this morning I just went barefoot because my shoes were wet and I didn’t want wet sleep socks.

Oatmeal and two chocolate croissants for breakfast. Packing up my wet tent it felt twice as heavy with all the water on it. Hands are so cold that they felt hot when washing my socks in the Killen Creek.

Hiking at 7:45. Have I ever started this late? I was following Frick’s tracks. He camped 3 miles back, so he must’ve started on time. I saw some little paw tracks too. It’s much easier to see and follow this morning’s tracks because of the wet sand.

Jolly and Lightning passed me. Then I passed all 3 of them as Frick put on a rain jacket and the other two watched.

Ran into a SOBO and we talked about the fire closure up ahead at White Pass. She explained to me how to find the alternate. The guys passed as I was chatting.

Listening to the sound of rain hitting the various surfaces of the forest. It sounds amazing. But would sound even more amazing if I was inside and dry. Guys, if you’re up for a challenge, may I suggest taking a shit outside in a drizzle while mosquitoes somehow attack you from all angles. Fun! (Please god let me never forget to appreciate not having to dig a hole once I’m done with this.)

Finally stopped for lunch at 1:30. Miraculously the sun peeked out and I was able to dry my tent and sleeping bag. Chatted with Indy. He did California and Oregon in 2015. Now he is finishing his trip. Chatted with 2 weekend hikers: David and Ken.

All of this is boring. At 4:30, I finally made it to Goat Rocks. Whoa. It is indescribable. I hadn’t seen pictures of it, so I was very pleasantly surprised. Hiked with Indy for a bit.

It was very cold, foggy, windy. And getting worse by the minute. I couldn’t see 40 ft in front of me. I thought it would be best to do Knife’s Edge (a cliff on both sides) in the morning. Hopefully the fog clears by then.

Camped at 7:30. Ramen hit the spot. Forrest and I realized Packwood USPS is not open tomorrow. So, I can’t pick up the resupply box. Will have to resupply at a grocery store. inReach is having trouble sending and receiving messages. Maybe because of all the fog?

There are lots of weekend backpackers but I’m camping alone again. I don’t mind anymore. It’s very windy and cold. But I’m toasty in my bag. Wind is kind of loud though.