Monday, August 31, 2009

Whoa, Gigi!

Check out the spike in my visits after Gigi linked to my previous post on her blog. My average number of views were 40-ish. I think the record was 65. The day ended with 471 visits today.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poofy Target Dress

Dresses will be my downfall. I just can't resist. I was looking for a movie theater and couldn't find it in the parking lot. Where the theater is located is still a mystery to me, but there was a Target. I realized the movie was already 10 minutes in and said screw it, I'm going to Target. I was doing my quick round around the clothing section when this poofy dress in the Juniors section caught my eye. I remembered seeing Gigi's post about it and decided to try it on. (You can see how she styled the dress here. Gigi has an awesome blog that I read almost daily.)
This is an XS. They only had a few of these left in the store. Isn't it cute? (Don't mind my bow "leggedness".) Ah. I have way too many dresses, but at $29.99 I just couldn't leave it there. Target does have a 90 day return policy. I kept the tags on, so if by the end of the 90 days I still haven't found an occasion to wear it I will return it. (I also got the shoes. Ahhhhhhhh. I'm bad.)
Twirly, twirly, twirly.

The skirt was so much like a tutu, I couldn't resist doing an arabesque. (Go ahead, Kate, point out everything that's wrong with it. I know my left arm is too high.)

Oh! You can get the dress here. You know you want it!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Patagonia Reviews

Zeeeeee Fleece
Oh, it's nice. Really light, but also warm. I was at the movie theater today and it was a little chilly. I just covered myself with it like a blanket and it kept me toasty and wiped away my tears at the end of the movie. It's very fuzzy and I'm lovin' the snapped pocket and the big inside pockets. At $62 it was way cheaper than my REI fleece and is so much more luxurious.

Yaaaaay! I was so happy to have another pair (in this glorious red color) that I couldn't stop dancing and wouldn't take them off despite the over-90-degree weather outside. What can I say? The fit is perfect, they're super light, and you can't beat the $15 price tag. Looooove!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is another movie I've been looking forward to seeing since June. (Sue, we still need to see Julie & Julia.) I liked it. I didn't love it. You could argue that it had a twist at the end, but really, the ending would have been predictable whether they stayed together or not. Maybe I've seen too many dramas. Hugh Dancy was, of course, a hottie (what's new?). So was Rose Byrne. She is gorgeous. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and I'm glad I saw it. Would I watch it again? Probably not.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sand Crabs!

M, a bunch of her friends, and I went to the beach today! I don't know if you've noticed, but I love swimming. Yes, even freezing ocean water swimming. This time we not only swam, we played ultimate frisbee! Oooooh, it was so much fun. I haven't really had a lot of experience with frisbee, but I picked it up pretty quickly and was able to actually contribute to the team and score a few times. From what I hear, ultimate frisbee is a lot harder on the beach. (So wiiiiiindy and hard to run.) Running and quickly switching running directions really kicked my ass. I also got hit straight in the forehead by a frisbee. I jumped in front of it to block a pass. Needless to say, I succeeded.

Here is me and M 2 years ago and now. (Yes, I only have one swimsuit.)
The weather was perfect and we would take breaks from frisbee by swimming out and body surfing back in. (We actually tried playing frisbee in the water, but that was over as soon as we almost lost it. We did retrieve it after 15 minutes of swimming in the ocean trying to find it.)

Then we looked for sand crabs in wet sand. I must admit, they're a little gross. (M begs to differ, but you must consider the fact that when we found a tarantula on our walk later today she tried picking it up and petting it.) I only looked for baby ones and would throw the bigger ones away, but K kept trying to find a giant. Check it out!
She actually had to dive in to find that one.

Here is the cheesecake I was talking about. It was pretty good, but I've made better. I'm a little out of practice.

(500) Days of Summer

Wow. What a beautiful movie. I loved it. The ending was not predictable. I always try to predict what is going to happen at the end and even how many minutes before the end of the movie it's going to happen, but I was totally wrong about this one. {Wishful thinking.} I thought that I would find narration really annoying and it wasn't. Also, it was a little weird at first to jump around the timeline of their relationship, but somehow they did it just right. I liked the little cartoon insets, the flashbacks, the soundtrack. I can see how some people might see it as a happy movie, but not I (yet). Someday that will change and I will watch it again.

Base Case Terminates Recursive Processing

And just like that I feel like a competent programmer again. HA-HA-HA!

Today I actually got out of my pajamas (and not just to change into clean ones). Today I had a PURPOSE! Barry and Sue came along with me to get some measurements for the new apartment that I'm moving into in a few weeks. I really need to start looking for furniture for that. Here is what I wore (as if you care):
J.Crew whale shorts (I love these!)
J.Crew tank top
Nine West flats (favorite shoes other than old running shoes)
Vera Bradley bag (another favorite)
Earrings and flower are from Claire's? I don't even remember. Those were my prom earrings.

Man, I'm all decked out in favorites today. We had a good time in Westwood and got Hurry Curry afterwards. After having a crap load of curry we drove back to Agoura and I had a whole pint of frozen yogurt. I continue to impress myself with the amount of frozen yogurt I can eat. I used to think people were crazy for getting anything other than the "mini" size. Now I get a pint and I finish the whole thing. Just to give you an idea of just how massive it is, Barry and Sue share the large. My pint also had caramel in it.

After all that Barry, Jerry, M and I went on walk on lobo. It was getting dark, so I brought my headlamp (which was later stolen by M) and I used Jerry's. M was on my back on the run up and down the hill. It was haaaaard.
Then I made cheesecake. It's going to be decorated and devoured tomorrow. (It's Cherry Chocolate Chunk. Don't you wish you were here, Vova? It's OK. You need to lose weight anyway.)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Patagonia Order

Patagonia Summer Sale ended on Thursday, but before it did I treated myself to a couple of things.

Look at this fuzzy beauty. I've been lusting after Patagonia fleece for years, but it's so expensive.
Meet Full Zip Re-Tool Jacket. I got the cranberry color, a little brighter than the one in the picture. I snagged it for $62.50. The price is now back up to normal at $125.00. SUCKAAAAAAAS!

The second thing I got were these puppies.
I love Patagonia Capilene 2 long underwear. I love it. I have two pairs that I wear all the time: around the house, to bed, dance class, (once to the grocery store and Cold Stone), and always when disco dancing in my room. Needless to say, I live in these when camping. These are regularly $40, I got them for $15. I couldn't not get a third pair. I will be welcoming these to my Capilene drawer next week.

Here is me sporting my Capilene gear (and eating toad in the hole). (Damn it, I still haven't posted about the San Clemente trip.)

Other news: I made enough money (and then some) last night street performing to make up for my dress purchase. Yay!

"You have an awesome butt!"

Words uttered by M as she was walking on my back and butt.

I juggled! My arms are more sore than they've been in a long while. These are new clubs and they're way heavy so it was difficult, especially the 5 and 6. I also have a bruise on the inside of my forearm from the stupid clubs.

I also measured my blood pressure yesterday. I forgot the exact measurement. I'll update the post tomorrow.

Remember the post where I talked about my birthday presents? Well, I never posted the picture of my mama and grandma's present.
Look! I got over my ring phobia. It only took one GORGEOUS ring from the people I love. Thank you!

Ooo. Almost forgot. I went to JY's going away bonfire. I had a lot of fun even though I showed up late. My clothes and hair smell of fire and I refuse to wash either. I wish they made shampoo and detergent of campfire smell. I'm going to miss hanging out with JY and C and I can't wait to see them in September on my trip up North.

Lots of random thoughts tonight. I apologize.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two Goodbyes

Today was sad. Vova and Tess left. I'm not very good with goodbyes so I got all anxious-y today.

Vova has moved into an apartment at USC and will be starting school on Monday. He won't be very far, but who am I going to play video games with over the remainder of my break? Huh? Tell me, Vova. I just completed the first mission of Commandos and I have nobody to celebrate with. That's just not right.

Tess left to go back home in Missouri. I had such a great time with Tess and we didn't get to do HALF of the stuff we thought would be fun to do. We did paint our nails though. Check out that manicure in the picture. I think we are pretending to be tyrannosauruses. It's hard to tell.
Anyway, she is awesome and I already really miss her. There is nobody to complete ignore a fucking annoying alarm with, nobody to enable me to sleep past 1 pm, nobody to make coffee with cardamom and french toast for breakfast, nobody to share turkey bacon with. I'm alllllll alone in my room. Tess, you left too soon. :-(
Here is Tessy with Borsht today. We totally shared this awesomely Jewish meal at the Agoura Deli today. We made the mistake of ordering borsht for our soup. I thought I liked their borsht but I don't. I need the real recipe, Mom, so I can show them how it's really done.

Today was also Grandpa Jerry's 90th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know 90th wasn't a big deal. I asked him if he was going to go all out on his 100th to make up for being all humble the previous 99, he said he would. I made him these Chocolate Sundae cupcakes to take to Bingo tomorrow. They're are pretty and delicious. I hope he likes them.
I got to go to Tire Man today. It is always a cool adventure because the owner breeds these HUGE parrots. I took a few pictures. He had 4 today. Aren't they awesome? A trip to get new tires is like a trip to the zoo.

What Makes It All Worth It

Tess and I went shopping today. It was just a brief trip to the outlets. We were very efficient. Originally we were supposed to find Tess a swimsuit, then stop by J.Crew and leave. So, we bought the suit and were on our way to J.Crew when I decided to quickly check out Max Studio.

I llllllllove chiffon and Max Studio is known for luring me with their chiffon dresses and skirts. (I've "scored" quite a number of dresses and skirts from there.) So, first thing I see is this beauty jumping out at me. I immediately fell in love with it, but then I looked at the price tag. $118. I quickly put it back on the rack and told myself I can't possibly buy a $118 dress. That's ridiculous. I was in despair, so I asked one of the sales women if that was really the price. (I really did. Don't laugh.) I then asked her to take my number and e-mail address so she can contact me if it ever goes on sale. I was about to walk away just like that, but then decided to try it on.
I was in love. I couldn't possibly leave it in the store. (Max Studio doesn't carry a lot of dresses of one kind and the store only got two of these.) It kept BEGGING me to take it home, so I did. I HAD to. I told myself that a gorgeous dress like that is exactly what makes street performing worth it. I would make up for the spent money next weekend and sleep well tonight knowing that this baby is hanging safely in my closet and not in that store.

(It's much prettier in person. I look like a dandy in these pictures.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy 40th Anniversary, Barry and Sue!

As I'm dreading ever turning 40 years old (at 19) these guys are celebrating 40 years years of marriage.

Sue loves parties {and kept hinting at one} and we (Drew, Mark, Vova and I) decided that she should get one. We planned a surprise party for Saturday and it turned out awesome! Tess and I did the food, some desserts and some decorating. Drew did the cake and helped us decorate. The whole thing (food and decorations) cost us a little over $125. Be impressed! (High five, Tess.)
Check out those letters. That was done by my Cricut machine. (Thank you, Sue!) Aren't they cool? The color theme was green and purple (Drew's awesome idea). It was gorgeous. We served hors d'oeuvres, an array of desserts and a chocolate fountain. The chocolate fountain actually failed to perform, so we had to resort to a regular fondue pot.

There were other decorations and Drew rearranged furniture all super nice, but the things that I'm most excited about were paper cranes! We used my scrapbook paper, so they were free and so pretty! Elyse, Tess and I made a whole bunch of them the night before and hung them from the balcony. Nobody has the nerve to take them down now because I would surely kill them.
It was a great success (aside from Barry completely failing to identify Sue's favorite color). They were completely clueless (or so they say) thanks to our guests' cooperation and, of course, Jerry, who pretended to miss his flight and stalled them on the way home so we had time to get everything set up.

Vova and Mark are working on this huge video project for them. I think it's about done. They haven't slept in days working on this. I'll post it here when it's all finished. Thanks to everybody who came and I hope the guests of honor enjoyed it!

Let the Summer Commence!

Just as many people are starting school on Monday, my {summer} school finally ended. WE DID IT, JACKIE! I cannot tell you how good it felt to Kobe that paper today. I've been so stressed out over these classes and the big research paper and finally it's all done. (That means no more face pimples! Yaaaaay!) Tess, I and a few of her friends went out to Zuma the moment I submitted the paper.
What did we do? We swam in the ocean, of course! It was sort of cold today. (70-ish. That's cold for a beach day.) But being the hardcore bitches that we are, we got in anyway. We literally just took clothes off and ran all the way in. I don't think I would've done it had I not just got done with 8 weeks of stress.
Brrrr. Cold. We were both so numb after about 5 minutes in the water. It felt great! Then we got home, had dinner, played DDR and watched a documentary on hillbillies. Tess is pretty awesome and makes bangin' flan.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

V-rock in P-town

Vova is coming back from Russia today. I'm happy he is because we still haven't played Commandos and Red Alert together, but at the same time I'm sad my family only got a week with him. Oh, well. Better than nothing. I'm glad he was able to fit it in before starting USC. CHECK OUT THESE PICTURES!
My parents are so cute! Mama is adorable and I love that dad is wearing seersucker shorts. I lllllllove it! (Mom and I got those for him.)

Look! It's like I'm almost there.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SSS (Summer School Sucks) LAST WEEK!

Ah. So, this is the week when everything is due in a writing intensive class. Sorry I haven't been posting much. As you can imagine, the last thing on my mind right now is more writing.
My team and I are finishing up our big 65-ish page paper in the next couple of days. I hate writing so much. I will find anything to do to postpone doing it. I will watch Cindy Crawford's skin care product informercials on repeat to delay writing.

I've tried writing in my room, in the living room, outside, in the library, in the computer lab, at my teammate's apartment, at the 3rd Street Promenade. The most successful place so far has been outside. The least successful - MY ROOM. Agh. You cannot make me be productive in my room. It's a lost cause.

SUMMER BEGINS IN 2 days and 3 hours!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rain, Rain...I NEED YOU!

That's right. I need rain to finally wear my Patagonia Rain Shadow Jacket out. I snagged this beauty for $107 a few weeks ago when I was getting ready for the Yosemite backpacking trip. (Cry.) I needed a light rain shell for all my backpacking adventures (ugh, cry), so I got this.
I originally ordered the yellow one, but it arrived with a black marker spot right in the middle of it. I took it to a Patagonia store and they replaced it for me even though I ordered it from a re-seller. (The customer service and return policy is how to justify paying over $100 for a rain jacket.) They didn't have yellow at this store, so I got this pretty blue color.

I am now anxiously waiting for rain clouds. Not a cloud in sight in the California sky. (Cry.) Do you love this jacket as much as I do? I think not!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Got Presents, Yo!

Thanks to everybody for wishing me a happy birthday! I took my birth date off my facebook so that random people wouldn't spam my wall. I appreciate those of you who remembered. Here is what I got in no particular order.


Vova got me Command and Conquer Red Alert. Apparently we played that in England a few years ago. The intro video was so stupid. I started playing the tutorial and I'm not yet impressed. Vova says it's really good though, I'm looking forward to playing it with him when he comes back.
He also got me a gelato cone at the 'nade! THANKS, VOVA!

Somebody nice:
CLOCKY! I'm so excited about this one. I've been looking at this alarm clock for a few years now. Thanks, somebody nice!

Barry & Sue:
Barry has been wanting me to read this book for a while. It was added to my summer reading queue. Thanks, Barry!

Sue and Mark got me $150 worth of Bed, Beth & Beyond gift cards. I already made use of one of them and got myself a hand-held Kitchen Aid mixer! (Some of you may remember my rant about my previous hand-held.) I was going to get a colored one, but the white one was $10 cheaper and I figured I was getting a standing colored one for my wedding anyway. I am planning to use the rest of the giftcards on a Villaware waffle iron and a cheapie blender. THANK YOU!

Jessica & Elyse:
A freakin' cereal holder! Check it. You freeze the milk container part of it and then put milk in it and cereal in the cereal bowl. It also has a foldable spoon. Genius. This is awesome because my vanpool leaves at 5:45 and I have to pack breakfast because I like to run before eating.

A lady-bug spork. Sa-weet! I love sporks. They also got me a J.Crew gift card. I think I might use that toward a pair of patent leather pumps! Thank you, Elyse and Jessica!

Mom, Grandma & Dad:
These guys got me earrings and a ring. A RING! I don't think I will ever wear a ring. It freaks me out to have something on my fingers. I have super fat fingers and if I do get it on, I will not be able to get it off. I haven't gotten them yet, Vova is bringing them back from Russia. I'm kind of excited. They looked beautiful on Skype.

Beth got me an unmentionable item. I am forever thankful.

Grandpa Jerry gave me a birthday check and a card with an awesome hand-written message. "You make my days brighter with your smile!"

Forrest graced me with a Skype call! It was fun (and it distracted me from stats for good couple of hours).

Drew, Maegan & Mark:
These guys decorated my room! I came back from the Promenade and dinner, started to open the door to my room and heard a noise from the ceiling. I thought it was a bat or some kind of a bird or insect flying around so I got really freaked out. Then I realized the noise was a balloon rubbing against the opening door. It was sooooo cool. You can see a little bit of the decorations on the jumping picture in the previous post. There was confetti all over, crepe paper streamers, a happy birthday banner and helium birthday balloons! I loved it. I picked up every single confetti piece up already, but everything else is still up. (Once in a while I would take off my socks and realize that I had been walking around with a couple of confetti pieces stuck to my foot.) Thank you!

Thanks to everybody for making it an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Plaid Skirts

I was going to have a Harry Potter themed birthday party because the 31st is also Harry Potter's birthday. Unfortunately the people who were the most excited about that idea (ahem...Jessica) were away having too fun with their boyfriends. We did the next best thing to a party: A JUMPING PICTURE!

It was awesome. Jessica and I are both wearing plaid skirts just like Hermione would. I was also holding a message but I was so excited I flung it out of the frame.
Thank you, Jessica!

Monday, August 3, 2009

100 Mile Challenge (July)

Check it! I set a goal for myself to run 100 miles before my birthday and I succeeded. It was a fun time running those and I think I'm going to do the same in August. The picture below shows the breakdown of the miles I did the last two weeks of the month.
Anybody else up for the 100 mile challenge? Join daily mile and become my friend! It's a lot of fun.