I Got Presents, Yo!

Thanks to everybody for wishing me a happy birthday! I took my birth date off my facebook so that random people wouldn't spam my wall. I appreciate those of you who remembered. Here is what I got in no particular order.


Vova got me Command and Conquer Red Alert. Apparently we played that in England a few years ago. The intro video was so stupid. I started playing the tutorial and I'm not yet impressed. Vova says it's really good though, I'm looking forward to playing it with him when he comes back.
He also got me a gelato cone at the 'nade! THANKS, VOVA!

Somebody nice:
CLOCKY! I'm so excited about this one. I've been looking at this alarm clock for a few years now. Thanks, somebody nice!

Barry & Sue:
Barry has been wanting me to read this book for a while. It was added to my summer reading queue. Thanks, Barry!

Sue and Mark got me $150 worth of Bed, Beth & Beyond gift cards. I already made use of one of them and got myself a hand-held Kitchen Aid mixer! (Some of you may remember my rant about my previous hand-held.) I was going to get a colored one, but the white one was $10 cheaper and I figured I was getting a standing colored one for my wedding anyway. I am planning to use the rest of the giftcards on a Villaware waffle iron and a cheapie blender. THANK YOU!

Jessica & Elyse:
A freakin' cereal holder! Check it. You freeze the milk container part of it and then put milk in it and cereal in the cereal bowl. It also has a foldable spoon. Genius. This is awesome because my vanpool leaves at 5:45 and I have to pack breakfast because I like to run before eating.

A lady-bug spork. Sa-weet! I love sporks. They also got me a J.Crew gift card. I think I might use that toward a pair of patent leather pumps! Thank you, Elyse and Jessica!

Mom, Grandma & Dad:
These guys got me earrings and a ring. A RING! I don't think I will ever wear a ring. It freaks me out to have something on my fingers. I have super fat fingers and if I do get it on, I will not be able to get it off. I haven't gotten them yet, Vova is bringing them back from Russia. I'm kind of excited. They looked beautiful on Skype.

Beth got me an unmentionable item. I am forever thankful.

Grandpa Jerry gave me a birthday check and a card with an awesome hand-written message. "You make my days brighter with your smile!"

Forrest graced me with a Skype call! It was fun (and it distracted me from stats for good couple of hours).

Drew, Maegan & Mark:
These guys decorated my room! I came back from the Promenade and dinner, started to open the door to my room and heard a noise from the ceiling. I thought it was a bat or some kind of a bird or insect flying around so I got really freaked out. Then I realized the noise was a balloon rubbing against the opening door. It was sooooo cool. You can see a little bit of the decorations on the jumping picture in the previous post. There was confetti all over, crepe paper streamers, a happy birthday banner and helium birthday balloons! I loved it. I picked up every single confetti piece up already, but everything else is still up. (Once in a while I would take off my socks and realize that I had been walking around with a couple of confetti pieces stuck to my foot.) Thank you!

Thanks to everybody for making it an awesome weekend!


  1. От кого будильник то? Как ты его получила? Может, Эллиот?

  2. I assure you it wasn't Elliot.

  3. There is a reason I didn't disclose it on this blog.


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