Rain, Rain...I NEED YOU!

That's right. I need rain to finally wear my Patagonia Rain Shadow Jacket out. I snagged this beauty for $107 a few weeks ago when I was getting ready for the Yosemite backpacking trip. (Cry.) I needed a light rain shell for all my backpacking adventures (ugh, cry), so I got this.
I originally ordered the yellow one, but it arrived with a black marker spot right in the middle of it. I took it to a Patagonia store and they replaced it for me even though I ordered it from a re-seller. (The customer service and return policy is how to justify paying over $100 for a rain jacket.) They didn't have yellow at this store, so I got this pretty blue color.

I am now anxiously waiting for rain clouds. Not a cloud in sight in the California sky. (Cry.) Do you love this jacket as much as I do? I think not!


  1. Приезжай в Пензу. У нас тут каждый день дождь. :-)

  2. Give it time sweetie! El Nino is coming this winter to Southern California...you will be wearing it regularly!

  3. Funny, it just rained all yesterday evening and all the way through this morning here. I could have used it on my walk/run! Love the jacket =)


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