Patagonia Reviews

Zeeeeee Fleece
Oh, it's nice. Really light, but also warm. I was at the movie theater today and it was a little chilly. I just covered myself with it like a blanket and it kept me toasty and wiped away my tears at the end of the movie. It's very fuzzy and I'm lovin' the snapped pocket and the big inside pockets. At $62 it was way cheaper than my REI fleece and is so much more luxurious.

Yaaaaay! I was so happy to have another pair (in this glorious red color) that I couldn't stop dancing and wouldn't take them off despite the over-90-degree weather outside. What can I say? The fit is perfect, they're super light, and you can't beat the $15 price tag. Looooove!


  1. hehe! I love this! Gosh, Patagonia is one of my favorite brands. Glad to see that you do some reviews of their stuff! Are the pants Capilene? I can't wait for their new fall/winter stuff to come out... :)

  2. I just started reading your blog (thanks, Gigi!) and it's really cute! And I LOVE anything Patagonia makes. I buy too much of it during their annual sales :) Keep up the good reviews!


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