What Makes It All Worth It

Tess and I went shopping today. It was just a brief trip to the outlets. We were very efficient. Originally we were supposed to find Tess a swimsuit, then stop by J.Crew and leave. So, we bought the suit and were on our way to J.Crew when I decided to quickly check out Max Studio.

I llllllllove chiffon and Max Studio is known for luring me with their chiffon dresses and skirts. (I've "scored" quite a number of dresses and skirts from there.) So, first thing I see is this beauty jumping out at me. I immediately fell in love with it, but then I looked at the price tag. $118. I quickly put it back on the rack and told myself I can't possibly buy a $118 dress. That's ridiculous. I was in despair, so I asked one of the sales women if that was really the price. (I really did. Don't laugh.) I then asked her to take my number and e-mail address so she can contact me if it ever goes on sale. I was about to walk away just like that, but then decided to try it on.
I was in love. I couldn't possibly leave it in the store. (Max Studio doesn't carry a lot of dresses of one kind and the store only got two of these.) It kept BEGGING me to take it home, so I did. I HAD to. I told myself that a gorgeous dress like that is exactly what makes street performing worth it. I would make up for the spent money next weekend and sleep well tonight knowing that this baby is hanging safely in my closet and not in that store.

(It's much prettier in person. I look like a dandy in these pictures.)


  1. It was beautiful in person! I am happy to know I was there when you "scored" many of those finds! I am looking forward to this weekend and your sets at the Promenade.....and all this time to work on it.

  2. Что за осанка на второй фотке?! А причёска?
    Платье красивое... Но надо бы загарчик привести в соответствие с этим платьем.

  3. Удачи на променаде!


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