Happy 40th Anniversary, Barry and Sue!

As I'm dreading ever turning 40 years old (at 19) these guys are celebrating 40 years years of marriage.

Sue loves parties {and kept hinting at one} and we (Drew, Mark, Vova and I) decided that she should get one. We planned a surprise party for Saturday and it turned out awesome! Tess and I did the food, some desserts and some decorating. Drew did the cake and helped us decorate. The whole thing (food and decorations) cost us a little over $125. Be impressed! (High five, Tess.)
Check out those letters. That was done by my Cricut machine. (Thank you, Sue!) Aren't they cool? The color theme was green and purple (Drew's awesome idea). It was gorgeous. We served hors d'oeuvres, an array of desserts and a chocolate fountain. The chocolate fountain actually failed to perform, so we had to resort to a regular fondue pot.

There were other decorations and Drew rearranged furniture all super nice, but the things that I'm most excited about were paper cranes! We used my scrapbook paper, so they were free and so pretty! Elyse, Tess and I made a whole bunch of them the night before and hung them from the balcony. Nobody has the nerve to take them down now because I would surely kill them.
It was a great success (aside from Barry completely failing to identify Sue's favorite color). They were completely clueless (or so they say) thanks to our guests' cooperation and, of course, Jerry, who pretended to miss his flight and stalled them on the way home so we had time to get everything set up.

Vova and Mark are working on this huge video project for them. I think it's about done. They haven't slept in days working on this. I'll post it here when it's all finished. Thanks to everybody who came and I hope the guests of honor enjoyed it!


  1. The guests of honors truly enjoyed the party. Everything was beautiful and delicious!

    You looked great! So did the rest of our family!

    I know a lot of hard work, long hours, and some great sneaking around went into making the party happen!!

    Thank You!

  2. I clicked on the link for your cutting machine yesterday and coincidentally last night I dreamed I got one. On sale for $5! Oh silly dreams!

  3. Haha. Jessicaaaaaaa. Only you.


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