Two Goodbyes

Today was sad. Vova and Tess left. I'm not very good with goodbyes so I got all anxious-y today.

Vova has moved into an apartment at USC and will be starting school on Monday. He won't be very far, but who am I going to play video games with over the remainder of my break? Huh? Tell me, Vova. I just completed the first mission of Commandos and I have nobody to celebrate with. That's just not right.

Tess left to go back home in Missouri. I had such a great time with Tess and we didn't get to do HALF of the stuff we thought would be fun to do. We did paint our nails though. Check out that manicure in the picture. I think we are pretending to be tyrannosauruses. It's hard to tell.
Anyway, she is awesome and I already really miss her. There is nobody to complete ignore a fucking annoying alarm with, nobody to enable me to sleep past 1 pm, nobody to make coffee with cardamom and french toast for breakfast, nobody to share turkey bacon with. I'm alllllll alone in my room. Tess, you left too soon. :-(
Here is Tessy with Borsht today. We totally shared this awesomely Jewish meal at the Agoura Deli today. We made the mistake of ordering borsht for our soup. I thought I liked their borsht but I don't. I need the real recipe, Mom, so I can show them how it's really done.

Today was also Grandpa Jerry's 90th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know 90th wasn't a big deal. I asked him if he was going to go all out on his 100th to make up for being all humble the previous 99, he said he would. I made him these Chocolate Sundae cupcakes to take to Bingo tomorrow. They're are pretty and delicious. I hope he likes them.
I got to go to Tire Man today. It is always a cool adventure because the owner breeds these HUGE parrots. I took a few pictures. He had 4 today. Aren't they awesome? A trip to get new tires is like a trip to the zoo.


  1. Это те самые попугаи, про которых мама говорила, что они в человеческий рост?

  2. Wait, did I read that right?

    You DIDN'T celebrate the completion of Commandos 3's first level?!


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