Sand Crabs!

M, a bunch of her friends, and I went to the beach today! I don't know if you've noticed, but I love swimming. Yes, even freezing ocean water swimming. This time we not only swam, we played ultimate frisbee! Oooooh, it was so much fun. I haven't really had a lot of experience with frisbee, but I picked it up pretty quickly and was able to actually contribute to the team and score a few times. From what I hear, ultimate frisbee is a lot harder on the beach. (So wiiiiiindy and hard to run.) Running and quickly switching running directions really kicked my ass. I also got hit straight in the forehead by a frisbee. I jumped in front of it to block a pass. Needless to say, I succeeded.

Here is me and M 2 years ago and now. (Yes, I only have one swimsuit.)
The weather was perfect and we would take breaks from frisbee by swimming out and body surfing back in. (We actually tried playing frisbee in the water, but that was over as soon as we almost lost it. We did retrieve it after 15 minutes of swimming in the ocean trying to find it.)

Then we looked for sand crabs in wet sand. I must admit, they're a little gross. (M begs to differ, but you must consider the fact that when we found a tarantula on our walk later today she tried picking it up and petting it.) I only looked for baby ones and would throw the bigger ones away, but K kept trying to find a giant. Check it out!
She actually had to dive in to find that one.

Here is the cheesecake I was talking about. It was pretty good, but I've made better. I'm a little out of practice.


  1. В отличие от Monique ты всё такая же стройняшка. :-)
    Ух, я любил в детстве крабов ловить на море! Какие же они gross? Хотя может быть песчанные крабы другие? На фотке плохо видно.

  2. They're slimy and try to bury themselves in your hand.

  3. Понятно. Да, slimy это неприятно. Обычные то крабы не slimy.


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