Best Birthday Cake

best birthday cake

I'm going to go ahead and say and this is the best birthday cake I've ever had/made. It doesn't take all day to make and decorate, kind of quirky, travels well, and tastes great. It's tiramisu cake! It kind of looks daunting (all those sections and paragraphs of directions) but it's totally easy once you've made it once or twice.

Bonus: it doesn't look hokey like a lot of birthday cakes, but is still festive. I usually do a star shape on the top (how to draw the perfect star, if you're wondering :), but you can customize the decoration easily. Just print out the shape, cut, and lay on top of the frosted cake before dusting with cocoa. I once did the silhouette of the school mascot for a class reunion party. It looked so cool! You could even cut out letters to spell something out. Just don't go too small/intricate. I made that mistake once (tried to do "happy birthday, magali") and ended up with an indiscernible pattern. I'd go with "YAY!", obviously.

And do I really need to sell on tiramisu?

PS. It looks great with these tall candles.