Soft Waves

I know what ya'll are thinking. How is your hair so beautiful, Olga? No? Shucks. Well, this is as good as it gets, folks. This is what a good hair day looks like for me.

My hair does what it wants. You can curl, blow dry, hairspray it all day. It will return to its natural flat self as soon as I walk out of the bathroom. I've come to terms with it (read: given up), and never wrestle with it anymore.

Imagine my delight when these accidental barely-waves stayed with me all through the day.

Warning: this requires skipping shampoo for a day. If that grosses you out, this might not be for you.

1) wash your hair in the morning
2) let it dry during the day
3) when it's time to leave, put it up in a ballet bun (complete with 5 hairpins, a hair net, and a light hairspray)
4) dance your little heart out in class
5) take a shower, but don't take out the bun or wash your hair
6) let your hair free in the morning and voilĂ !

And if you're wondering, this is how normal people get beautiful hair every day (not only the days after ballet).

PS. I shamelessly stole the gingham shirt look from Rebecca.