Fun (and Hilarious) Discovery

This is Arnold's workout tape. And it puts P90X to shame, my friends. I feel like I'm getting a workout just listening to it.

Wanna know how I found this gem?

I am in the mood for some Don't Stop Believin' air guitar. My search on rdio returns a million results and I scroll through trying to pick just the right version.

And then, I hear Arnold's peppy "Let's start our special program of resistance training without weights." *opening piano chords* "Push ups!"


 I challenge you to not lol when you listen to this.


  1. If that's not enough proof of the Hand of Providence, nothing is.

    Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of they women.

    That's what I hear every time Arnold speaks.

  2. Awesome lol... You're right about feeling like you're working out while listening. If you like Arnold + Music, you need to see Arnold playing the violin. I haven't actually seen the movie, but it's on my list. There's a quick description in the first few minutes of this episode of You Look Nice Today, which is the reason I know it exists.

  3. Oh my: "Schwarzenegger won a Golden Globe for "Best Acting Debut in a Motion Picture" for his portrayal of Joe Santo in Stay Hungry."


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