Heat vs. Spurs

bosh having an emotional moment (via nationalpost)

Are you guys watching the game tonight? I am stoked and I'm not even sure which team I'm rooting for.

Last game was intense! Did anyone catch it? I was rooting for the Spurs the whole game. In the fourth quarter, with just seconds on the clock, LeBron James looked like he was about to cry. I didn't want him to cry so I started cheering for Heat. (We all know the deep impact my cheering made on the outcome of the game.) That's when they tied up the score and took the win in OT.

They say that Heat is going to win. Agh. Both teams are so good. I just want them all to win! (I'm such a girl.) Who are you rooting for?

PS. Basketball players are hilarious actors.

Update: Uhh. Why wasn't Ginobili taken out? The end of 4th quarter was hard to watch.