LeBron James Flops

gif via deadspin

Do you follow the NBA? I generally don't like watching sports, but I can really get into basketball. It's so fast paced and the players' skill blows my mind. My understanding of the rules is sketchy (to say the least), but somebody recently pointed out flopping and I see it all over the place now.

It's such (schm)acting! I love it. I think we can all agree that LeBron James is an animal, but his flopping is hilarious. Here are some more LeBron fake fouls.


  1. Minute 1:08 is hilarious.

    Of the sports I follow, I think soccer has some of the best "flops". Some of them are simply agonizing to watch:

  2. Here's a funny one: http://www.buzzfeed.com/ktlincoln/the-worst-actor-in-the-world


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