Found: Best Band-Aid

Band-Aid (1965)
photo via denis goulet (i have no idea what the ad says)

I use knives/graters/mandolins a lot. I also keep my knives really sharp. And while I don't typically cut myself while cooking, my downfall is not being careful when washing these things. Blood makes me queasy, so when this happens you'll see me standing next to the sink (wasting water) while I rinse the cut and sob hysterically compose myself for 10 minutes or so.

I never thought the type of band aid really mattered, so I've been using freebie band aids from race bags, career fairs, and such. And you know the drill. They come off, the edges roll up, they look grimy just a couple of hours in. I ran out of my supply of those recently, so I ordered these.

On Monday I had the misfortune of needing one. Nearly 48 hours after applying it (to the knuckle area, mind you), it was still going strong. I almost forgot it was there! I took it off just now, and while I do still see the cut, I can bend my finger without it hurting. I am totally impressed.

(So impressed, that I actually gave my cut/cat-scratch-prone coworkers some packs. I can't stop talking about these.)

Lesson: don't rush washing a ridiculously sharp knife + not all band-aids are created equal.