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I can't believe I've never told you guys about my favorite hair tie. I've talked about an alternate method of keeping long hair out of your face (I actually have it in my hair as I type this), but never elastics. 

Hair ties are tricky business. You'd think any ol' drugstore tie would do, but nope. Some pull on your hair, others slide right off, some are too big for a braid but too small for a pony tail, some cut into your wrist, some stretch out really fast.

I've been wearing these elastics every single day for the past year or so, and they are, by far, the best hair ties I've ever tried. They're not the most fashionable things to have on your wrist, but at least it doesn't cut off my circulation. Cool bonus: they sell this mystery pack where they'll send you 30 different colored ties. It was exciting to go through to see what I got when they first arrived.

I am not even close to needing another pack (despite my cats' best efforts to steal them), but if I were to get one now, I'd get this and this.

PS. I store all my hairties in one of these and it is super functional and fantastic.


  1. I ordered some! I wanted more after you gave me some for christmas and kept forgetting to ask you where you got them.


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