Things That Made My Week


I can't believe just last Friday I got up at 5 to stand in line for a WWDC UI lab at 5:30 am.

After getting an appointment shortly after they let us into the building at 8 am, I had the "breakfast" above. YUM. A software engineer's life tastes of coffee and simple sugar.

And it's summer already? Didn't we just celebrate New Year's?

Here are some things that made me happy to be alive last week:
- being back home with my cats (yes, i'm lame)
- the world's tallest dog (reminds me of my grandparents' dog who I clearly remember being horse-sized)
- knowing that true happiness comes from within (inspired by this touching story)
- d'orsay flats are the hotness (i got this pair, but if it doesn't work out, these look good too)
- tj's fruit jellies
- this girl cracked me up
- letter from comic sans (via joanna)
- yogorino making forrest grin
- a mid-week facetime with mama and papa
  in which mama made breakfast while I was making dinner :)
- a morning yoga class

Is time flying for you too? Do you have any summer goals? Mine are simple: swim + not lose my mind in a no-a/c apartment.

this fine lady is keeping me chill


  1. Your other photo of the breakfast is also great! I really dig the pure black backdrop - looks like a magazine cover!


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