Sunday, May 31, 2009

I <3 My Pledge Sisters

I didn't expect much getting into this whole sorority thing. I have to say, it has its ups and downs. I got really lucky with my pledge class though. Every single girl in this picture is awesome in her own way. {We don't care that A was the second one out when playing 10 fingers. In fact, we think she is incredible. We don't care that the day after J learned our names she knew every single thing about us and our families. Even watched Vova's waxing video. J is the bee's knees.} Each and every one of us had to interview 60 actives, some of whom weren't sugar, and we did it! We had to write a song and choreograph a dance and we did it. Let me tell you, this song/dance puts Beyonce's Single Ladies dance to shame. I made it through the pledging quarter and I want to thank this gorgeous group of engineers for supporting me along the way.

We're getting initiated tomorrow! Hurrah!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mama!

I figured I would post this before May was over. My mama's birthday was on May 25th.
This is us 17 years ago (back when I was a football star apparently).
This is us a year ago.

She lost the big silly fur hat, but other than that she hasn't changed at all. I hope you had a nice day and the overly sweet cake that I recommended didn't spoil it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Banana Bread...Barely

Mmm. I'm eating the first muffin as I'm writing this. I dreamt about making the carrot cake last night. My morning class was conveniently canceled, the bananas had a couple of fruit flies flying around them, I was hungry - I knew it was time. Unfortunately I didn't think far enough ahead to get carrots. I settled on this recipe instead. Roast Banana-Pumpkin Breakfast Bread.

I had bananas but no pumpkin seeds. As my raisins were soaking in my roommates Malibu I sat here reading my EE textbook and shelling sunflower seeds. 
It took a long time which I didn't mind because my raisins needed to soak for at least an hour and I had a lot of reading.

I didn't have coconut milk either. I used regular milk which I was afraid to smell because it was a couple of weeks old. It doesn't really matter when baking though. I used 3 bananas instead of 2 because I didn't want to throw one away. I only had all-purpose flour, so I used that when the recipe called for cake flour.

Also. I have a no-mixer situation. I got a mixer as a present and it had 10 speeds ranging from crazy-fast whipping to crazy-f***ing-fast whipping. I tossed it after using it once. It's shameful to even give that thing away. So, I creamed butter and sugar by hand this morning. Not having a mixer is the fastest way to tone your arms. That is, of course, if you don't eat whatever you make.

I do not have a loaf pan either. So half of the batter went toward muffins and half went into a small spring form pan. Don't ask why I have a miniature spring form pan and no loaf pan. 
It turned out great! The muffins are ready and other pan is still in the oven. The raisins were super plump and tasty. It was extra banana-y, which is awesome. SUCCESS!

Listening to this morning:

Grace Rhymes with Face

Oof. It was pretty wild. Some of the girls were really drunk, especially S, the girl who got pinned. The guys were even more drunk. I was standing with my stupid candle right next to the couple as they were doing the 100 second kiss. It was pretty crazy. They were going to fall over any second.

UPDATE! Nored just put all these pinning pictures up. This is perfect.
This is M and S.Here is the couple again.

Awwwwkward. I sat with this guy on the bus. He was so drunk he couldn't find anything to rhymed with Grace. Grace is the easiest name to ladi. I totally gave away my Grace ladi which would be too inappropriate to post here. I got away from him pretty fast and then had my girls watch out for him to make sure he didn't attach himself to me again.
Making a run for it.
The girl I'm standing next to is N. She is awesome and I find I spend most of the time at parties like this with her. She is one of the two other girls I know who don't drink. The other girl doesn't drink for religious reasons which I don't like.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pa Da Dum, Pa Da Dum

Finished my CS project! 4 hours before it was due too.

First things first, I realized I LOVE rye bread today. I used to really not like it. After discovering this morning that there were no bagels to be had with coffee I decided to give rye bread another chance. I even had a second slice for lunch.
OK. So, I promised I would post one of my projects. This is a something I've been working on for about a month. We have projects due every week and the past 4 projects built on each other. This is the final product. Mine ended up being 4593 lines long. That's a lot of assembly code. Granted there are a lot of comments {which are essential} and I didn't write a few functions in the program. He gives us the completed project after it's due and that's what we build on. I, or anybody else in the class who I've talked to, didn't finish the last 3 projects.

Here's how little this program does:

It even handles the end of file case. Amazing.

Here is a little snippet of code. It's really cool. I think I like assembly.

Yay! It's week 9. I'm almost finished. I think we have one more project.

My next post will be about the surfing/camping trip to San Clemente this weekend. I had a ton of fun and here is a little preview picture of what's to come.

I'm getting ready to go to dinner with the fam. Then I'm off to go to a mandatory sorority event. (I'm not supposed to tell but it's a PINNING! Shh.) We get to wear long black dresses and sing songs like Boy and a Phi Rho and Phi Rho Sweetheart. We are supposed to go to some sort of a club after the ceremony but I think they will be too drunk to notice I'm not there.

Friday, May 22, 2009

No More Aunt Jemima!

Finally ran out of the pancake mix I had had since the beginning of the semester. I am doing very well in my mission on clean out my enormous food supply by the end of the quarter. I prefer pancakes from scratch. They taste totally different and are not much more difficult to make.
I use the Joy of Cooking recipe and add a whole bunch of wheat germ. These pancakes are with raisins. They turned out really well. I freeze about 3/4 of the batch after they cool and have pancakes for the whole week. You just take a couple out and pop them in the toaster oven in the morning. Mmm. These and coffee is what I think about when I have to get myself up early for an 8 o'clock class.

My roommates have 3 totally black bananas lying around. They said they don't want them. Ever since I saw that they got bananas I've been eyeing them. I knew they would lay around until they turned black. Do you know what that means? I'm finally trying this AWESOME carrot cake recipe next week!

Off to CS discussion.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I don't know why I'm feeling like crap but I feel pretty crappy. (Notice the substitution.) The weird thing is things are going well. I had my second Outdoor Adventures interview today and it went SOOOOOO well. I'm really excited. Work was good. My only regret is I didn't go swimming.

I was really looking forward to practicing our dance with my pledge sisters but I slept through it because I didn't feel up to it. I took a shower and felt too sorry for myself to get up. I should be getting super excited for surfing this weekend and I'm not. I didn't get around to making myself dinner until 9:30 tonight.

I'm going to post pictures of my happier days.

Posing with Lucy in my Anthro discussion!
My SUPER anthro team.
The cupcake decorating party.
Just like that. Feeling better already.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Branch Belongs to a Tree

CS midterm tomorrow!
This means practicing stupid things like converting integers to floating point and mnemonic to binary to hex conversions, drawing stack diagrams. Everything I slept through in class is coming back to bite me. A good part of the exam is going to be coding and looking at code which is good. I feel like the projects have adequately prepared me for the coding bits.
Look at those instructions. I'm frowning in the picture but I'm smiling on the inside. That's a beautiful sheet of simple MIPS instructions. I laminated it.

Dancing with the Stars

"Finished" my CS project at 9. Sue was watching Dancing with the Stars and I decided to join in. Today was the season finale. I was rooting for these two pairs to win, but mostly Shawn Johnson.
This is Melissa something. I don't remember her last name. She was the girl who got dumped by the loser Bachelor. She was, by far, the best dancer of the three finalists. She is gorgeous and funny too.
I was mostly rooting for Shawn Johnson though. She is just awesome. Very cute, works very hard and seems really honest. I was so happy she won tonight and not the no-talent-a**-clown Gilles.

Monday, May 18, 2009

30 Rock

Is the best show I've ever watched.
I don't watch very many shows, in fact, this is the only show I watch. I gave up The Office and Lost in exchange for 30 Rock and I love The Office. I just watched the season finale of 30 Rock. It was awesome.
Do I look like I got 2 hours of sleep? I think not! I stayed up until 4:30 am to practice for my EE midterm. I had to get up at 6:30 to get to my 8 o'clock exam. It went well. I swear, one of these days I'm not going to be able to do 2 hour nights before an exam anymore. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Going to catch some Zs before CS.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Creamsicle Lovin'

V is a dork.
I took the braids out! This never gets old.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fingers in Peanut Butter

Beth {finally} came to visit me today. We had a lot of fun. I hadn't seen her in almost 9 weeks. Crazy. I introduced her to 30 Rock, got to show off my swimming skills, had an excuse to eat 6 cookies in a row and eat peanut butter out of the jar with my fingers.
We made peanut butter cookies. I got the natural smooth peanut butter but it was the unsalted kind. It did not taste right. Beth and I tried to add salt. I think it made it better but something was still off. We ended up using half that and half of my {favorite} chunky peanut butter than I had in the pantry. The cookies turned out so delicious. Uhhhh. Naturally, I ate way too many. I don't know why I always do this to myself.

This is a great picture of Beth manning the peanut butter.
Note Beth's new super cute haircut. She donated her awesome hair to Locks for Love. I am jealous of whoever is going to get her jew-fro wig. 

Beth also got her grades back today and totally kicked this semester's butt. I'm so proud of her!

P.S. I got a second interview with Outdoor Adventures! Sooooo excited!

Beer Pong and Swimming

OK. Let's get this out of the way first. I played beer pong at the Delta Sig house. My friend from high school is in that frat. I got a tour of the house and he convinced me to play after dinner. I, in turn, convinced some guy to drink for me and played. 
I was on a team with another Phi Rho. I was pretty good. {I made 3 in a row once!} I was disappointed I didn't make the behind-the-back shot though. It was so close. It just bounced off.

Today was my second time swimming with swim goggles on. I really wanted to try to see under water without goggles but after 7 weeks of swimming I still can't do it. I gave up and started wearing goggles. I LOVE IT! I L-O-V-E it. It was amazing. You can see everything! 
You can see the bottom of the pool and how deep it goes, you can see people and not crash into my lane-partner. It reminded me one time in kindergarten when they threw a bunch of toy metal plates in the pool and we had a competition to see who can pick up the most. I remember I had a lot of fun. So, now I stay underwater more because I don't close my eyes and can see! It changed my life.

Beth tells me I'm not breathing right. I do like to stick my head out longer than it needs to. It makes me sink. Also, I'm pretty much giving up on getting breast stroke right. It's way too complicated. I'm just going to do what I've been doing even though it's not right.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bagels Rule; Whole Foods Sucks

This is me right before ballet this morning. (Note ballet tights.) This bagel is so good I'm almost crying.
I love cinnamon bagels with strawberry cream cheese. The only bagel better than that is Cinnamon Sugar with Full Fat Hazelnut Cream Cheese from Panera Bread. Just thinking about it makes me smile. Thinking about paying $2.50 for one every morning wipes the smile right off. I usually get Ralph's brand cream cheese. This bagel, however, was made with Bruegger's strawberry cream cheese that Sue got me. {Actually, I just assumed that she got it for me because I'm the only person, to my knowledge, who eats strawberry cream cheese.} It is so good. No comparison to Ralph's brand. This actually has chunks of strawberries in it. My bagels are from Costco.

So, Whole Foods. I'm walking home from work and there is Whole Foods. I usually don't go there because it's more expensive than Ralph's, but it was on the way and I thought I would get some strawberries and peaches. So I come up to a guy who works in the produce section who also happened to be standing next to the peaches and ask, "Hey, do you know if these peaches are sweet?" He says something inaudible and points to the cut peach on top of the pile and walks away. I'm like, what? Did he say he was going to get a knife to cut a piece of that or did he just point and walk away? So I waited a few minutes for him, then took two peaches and walked to the check out.

What?! How am I supposed to tell how sweet a peach is from looking at it's cut side? And what do you know, I walk outside, take a bite and it's crunchy and not sweet and just terrible. Probably the worst peach I've ever had in my life. Ugh. I paid $2.87 for two. Whole Foods sucks. Ralph's will always let you taste their fruit before buying it. (I almost always get a free whole orange.)


You have five minutes to wallow in the delicious misery. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Discard it. And proceed.
Just finished a 26 page transcription and getting ready to leave work.

2 days until I see Beth. I'm so excited I can almost taste all the ice cream sandwiches we're going to eat.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To those of you who are mothers. I hope motherhood is all it's cracked up to be and more. I am in Agoura for Mother's Day weekend. Finally turned my program in last night. Ugh. What a pain in the butt. I'm refraining from the use of obscenities for my mother's and Sue's sake since it's their month. {I know I've already failed, but as my dad frequently says, I'm starting a new life today.} Sue's and my mom's birthdays are in May and so is Mother's Day. I'm just going to go ahead and declare May as a no-cuss-month for Olga. I, of course, do not agree with their views on profanities, but I'm doing it for the people I love, so it's OK.
We went to Souplantation this year. It was pretty neat. We usually go to Marie Callenders but we decided to save a whole bunch of money and try something new this time. I wore a Forever 21 dress than I got for ballroom last year.
Oh, and here are the earrings. Wearing turquoise for my grandma.
Mark and I are making dinner for Sue's birthday. So far on the menu: prime rib, potatoes au gratin, corn on the cob, spinach & asparagus. Chocolate mousse bars and angel food cake with a medley of summery fruit for dessert. Happy Birthday, Sue!

Friday, May 8, 2009

X11 + Michael = Awesome.

This is how Michael and I spend time.

Would Have It No Other Way

Dinner turned out just awesome! I can't even tell you. Everybody was super helpful. My pledge sisters came early to help me out and told me to go rock climbing while they were finishing up spinach and risotto.

I went rock climbing, which was also pretty super. I free climbed at first (no harness) and I was consistently getting to the height above which they don't want you to free climb. Then Natalie hooked me up to a harness and I climbed all the way to the top faster than you can blink. It was so much fun. Then I ran back to the apartment where we finished dinner as people were arriving.

So many people came. Oof. I didn't expect that at all. There were over 20 people. I made two chickens, a lot of risotto and 12 rolls. People devoured everything. I got so many nice comments like one from Ally, "This is honestly the best chicken I've ever tasted." Dessert was also great. I did have to make like 4 of my tiny pots of coffee for everybody but it worked out. People brought in food and dishes from the outside without me asking them. A few people stayed to wash the dishes as I was eating the cake. What an awesome group of people. I'm really happy a lot of phi rhos came and I'm also really happy James and Kina came too.

Thanks to my pledge sisters and pledge mom who came early! Thank you, Jamerz for manning the chicken and making coffee and just being awesome.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Hug Would Be Nice

But you can hug me with your eyes. I'm eating a bagel with a spinach omelette.
I don't think I can go on that backpacking trip this weekend. I got home from the Outdoor Adventures interview at 9:45 last night with a giant headache. Instead of taking a painkiller I went to sleep right away. We were outside from 5:30 to 9 and it was very hot yesterday. Today is my dinner party and I don't think I'll be able to finish my cs project before 6 pm on Friday. It would be shameful to not finish the project after he gave us a due date extension. :-(

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weirdest Comment of the Day

S: "You look hilarious when you're sleeping by the way."
Me: "Um, thanks?"
I sleep in class all the time. That's just what I do. I've had professors make fun of me for it. I sleep until I hear the professor ask a question or say something important, then I wake up answer the question and go back to sleep. I don't do it intentionally, but that's what ends up happening.

I got 7.5 hours of sleep last night. I went to bed at 12. At 1 I was awoken by my roommates who apparently think it's totally acceptable to carry on a conversation in full voice while somebody is sleeping in the same room. Mind you, I'm not a light sleeper at all. Noise or even calm full voice conversation does not bother me one bit. This was some kind of an exciting/loud discussion that just could not be conducted in the living room. This has happened before and I never said anything about it. This time I woke up and asked them if why they thought I would be totally cool with being woken up an hour into my sleep. Stupid.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Chai Cake

Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum!

I love this cake. It's, by far, the best cake I've ever had and I've had a lot of cake. I made this last night in anticipation for the dinner that I'm hosting on Thursday. I definitely modified the recipe from the last time I made it with Jessica. I think folding in the egg whites last time made it too dry and bread-y which was perfect for face cake. Also, instead of brewing chai in water I brewed it in heavy cream. {More butter, more fat - always a good modification!} It rose beautifully! I made the ginger-honey frosting which looks/tastes really good. The cake needs to be cut and frosted, but I'll do it the night before the dinner. Freezing it for now.

Setting New Records

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sorry, Mark

I'm eating Mark's cherries to ease the pain this program is causing. Look at that neat pile of pits. Mmm.
Those cherries are very good. Which is why I'm putting them away before I finish the whole container. 1031 lines of assembly code and counting. 1031 lines that probably mean nothing to you. I'll post my solution when I'm done and you'll see how little those lines do.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swallowed By a Wave

We had our lock-in last night. One of my pledge sister, T, had to de-pledge. She is going to pledge again next quarter. We had a scavenger hunt. One of the things was to find a cute boy, take a picture with him, get his number and then call him in front of all the girls. We were having trouble finding a cute boy we could all agree on. We saw 3 cute 7 year-old boys (they were triples) and took a picture with them. (We thought that asking their dad for their number was a little much.) 

Then we proceeded to making the scrapbook page. I had my layout planned out and brought my own stuff (thanks to Barry and Sue) and everybody was gushing over how prepared I was. It had a lot of fun, except people were loud. I had my earplugs with me and I put them in. I can hear somebody if they're talking to me, it just decreases the volume of ambient noise. My page turned out really well. I'm sad I don't get to take it with me. It was fun to see other people's pages and pictures.

N talked me into going to Triangle's quarterly after the lock-in. I went because it was down the street from my apartment. I stayed for like 30 minutes and left. I had a lot of work to do and I don't like frat parties. Triangle is an engineering fraternity, so they're one of the less stupid ones, but it was still pretty lame.
Did I make you yawn? I woke up at 11! Love it. Going to go for a run around the campus and drop off my letter to Z on the way. Then work, work, work!