Bagels Rule; Whole Foods Sucks

This is me right before ballet this morning. (Note ballet tights.) This bagel is so good I'm almost crying.
I love cinnamon bagels with strawberry cream cheese. The only bagel better than that is Cinnamon Sugar with Full Fat Hazelnut Cream Cheese from Panera Bread. Just thinking about it makes me smile. Thinking about paying $2.50 for one every morning wipes the smile right off. I usually get Ralph's brand cream cheese. This bagel, however, was made with Bruegger's strawberry cream cheese that Sue got me. {Actually, I just assumed that she got it for me because I'm the only person, to my knowledge, who eats strawberry cream cheese.} It is so good. No comparison to Ralph's brand. This actually has chunks of strawberries in it. My bagels are from Costco.

So, Whole Foods. I'm walking home from work and there is Whole Foods. I usually don't go there because it's more expensive than Ralph's, but it was on the way and I thought I would get some strawberries and peaches. So I come up to a guy who works in the produce section who also happened to be standing next to the peaches and ask, "Hey, do you know if these peaches are sweet?" He says something inaudible and points to the cut peach on top of the pile and walks away. I'm like, what? Did he say he was going to get a knife to cut a piece of that or did he just point and walk away? So I waited a few minutes for him, then took two peaches and walked to the check out.

What?! How am I supposed to tell how sweet a peach is from looking at it's cut side? And what do you know, I walk outside, take a bite and it's crunchy and not sweet and just terrible. Probably the worst peach I've ever had in my life. Ugh. I paid $2.87 for two. Whole Foods sucks. Ralph's will always let you taste their fruit before buying it. (I almost always get a free whole orange.)


  1. Yes the cream cheese was for you. I am glad you liked it. I hope you took some of the prime rib, au gratin potatoes, and etc.
    Go back to Whole Foods when you have time with your receipt and tell the manager what happened. They can't afford to have employees like that the way things are. Even if you don't have the receipt tell the manger what happened and how bad the peaches were. (By the way I wouldn't buy them till June.) It's kind of early for summer fruit.

  2. Yeah, I saved the receipt. I'm probably going to go complain on Thursday. And it is too early to get peaches. I'm excited for the nectarine season though!

  3. Hey, вероятно всё-таки этот cut peach on top of the pile был для пробы. Надо было попробовать.
    И у вас такие продавцы встречаются. :-)
    Hey, у нас тут сезон нектаринов и персиков в июле и августе. Мама регулярно покупает нектарины, и они всегда сладкие! И дешевле наверняка. К тому же "персик" это тебе не "peach" какой-нибудь! :-)

  4. Maybe you were supposed to lick/taste the cut peach?

  5. don't scam food.

    don't you know how to tell if a peach is ripe??

    gently press the top of the peach. If the flesh is hard, it is not ripe. If it gently yields, it is ripening. If it is mushy, it is overripe.


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