Banana Bread...Barely

Mmm. I'm eating the first muffin as I'm writing this. I dreamt about making the carrot cake last night. My morning class was conveniently canceled, the bananas had a couple of fruit flies flying around them, I was hungry - I knew it was time. Unfortunately I didn't think far enough ahead to get carrots. I settled on this recipe instead. Roast Banana-Pumpkin Breakfast Bread.

I had bananas but no pumpkin seeds. As my raisins were soaking in my roommates Malibu I sat here reading my EE textbook and shelling sunflower seeds. 
It took a long time which I didn't mind because my raisins needed to soak for at least an hour and I had a lot of reading.

I didn't have coconut milk either. I used regular milk which I was afraid to smell because it was a couple of weeks old. It doesn't really matter when baking though. I used 3 bananas instead of 2 because I didn't want to throw one away. I only had all-purpose flour, so I used that when the recipe called for cake flour.

Also. I have a no-mixer situation. I got a mixer as a present and it had 10 speeds ranging from crazy-fast whipping to crazy-f***ing-fast whipping. I tossed it after using it once. It's shameful to even give that thing away. So, I creamed butter and sugar by hand this morning. Not having a mixer is the fastest way to tone your arms. That is, of course, if you don't eat whatever you make.

I do not have a loaf pan either. So half of the batter went toward muffins and half went into a small spring form pan. Don't ask why I have a miniature spring form pan and no loaf pan. 
It turned out great! The muffins are ready and other pan is still in the oven. The raisins were super plump and tasty. It was extra banana-y, which is awesome. SUCCESS!

Listening to this morning:


  1. Как песня называется? А поёт её Keren Ann?

  2. Right Now and Right Here by Keren Ann

  3. Надеюсь, она у тебя есть. Перешли мне её, пожалуйста.


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