Swallowed By a Wave

We had our lock-in last night. One of my pledge sister, T, had to de-pledge. She is going to pledge again next quarter. We had a scavenger hunt. One of the things was to find a cute boy, take a picture with him, get his number and then call him in front of all the girls. We were having trouble finding a cute boy we could all agree on. We saw 3 cute 7 year-old boys (they were triples) and took a picture with them. (We thought that asking their dad for their number was a little much.) 

Then we proceeded to making the scrapbook page. I had my layout planned out and brought my own stuff (thanks to Barry and Sue) and everybody was gushing over how prepared I was. It had a lot of fun, except people were loud. I had my earplugs with me and I put them in. I can hear somebody if they're talking to me, it just decreases the volume of ambient noise. My page turned out really well. I'm sad I don't get to take it with me. It was fun to see other people's pages and pictures.

N talked me into going to Triangle's quarterly after the lock-in. I went because it was down the street from my apartment. I stayed for like 30 minutes and left. I had a lot of work to do and I don't like frat parties. Triangle is an engineering fraternity, so they're one of the less stupid ones, but it was still pretty lame.
Did I make you yawn? I woke up at 11! Love it. Going to go for a run around the campus and drop off my letter to Z on the way. Then work, work, work!