Grace Rhymes with Face

Oof. It was pretty wild. Some of the girls were really drunk, especially S, the girl who got pinned. The guys were even more drunk. I was standing with my stupid candle right next to the couple as they were doing the 100 second kiss. It was pretty crazy. They were going to fall over any second.

UPDATE! Nored just put all these pinning pictures up. This is perfect.
This is M and S.Here is the couple again.

Awwwwkward. I sat with this guy on the bus. He was so drunk he couldn't find anything to rhymed with Grace. Grace is the easiest name to ladi. I totally gave away my Grace ladi which would be too inappropriate to post here. I got away from him pretty fast and then had my girls watch out for him to make sure he didn't attach himself to me again.
Making a run for it.
The girl I'm standing next to is N. She is awesome and I find I spend most of the time at parties like this with her. She is one of the two other girls I know who don't drink. The other girl doesn't drink for religious reasons which I don't like.


  1. А чего эта Stephanie в красном? Всем же надо было быть в чёрном...

  2. Как перевести pinning?

  3. She is the girl who got pinned.

  4. "Pinning is a tradition in some fraternities. When a brother becomes serious with a girlfriend, he might give her his fraternity pin as a sign of his affection, sometimes a precursor to an engagement ring."

  5. Понятно. А куда ты там смотришь на первой фотографии?


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