I <3 My Pledge Sisters

I didn't expect much getting into this whole sorority thing. I have to say, it has its ups and downs. I got really lucky with my pledge class though. Every single girl in this picture is awesome in her own way. {We don't care that A was the second one out when playing 10 fingers. In fact, we think she is incredible. We don't care that the day after J learned our names she knew every single thing about us and our families. Even watched Vova's waxing video. J is the bee's knees.} Each and every one of us had to interview 60 actives, some of whom weren't sugar, and we did it! We had to write a song and choreograph a dance and we did it. Let me tell you, this song/dance puts Beyonce's Single Ladies dance to shame. I made it through the pledging quarter and I want to thank this gorgeous group of engineers for supporting me along the way.

We're getting initiated tomorrow! Hurrah!


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